Celebrate 120 years with us:

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Key Chapter Recognition

  • A Founders Day activity is one of the optional Chapter Engagement components of earning Key Chapter recognition
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Over the last few years, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu has been growing and expanding. The power IEEE-HKN programs and the impact our students and Chapter have on their communities is inspiring!  This October, IEEE-HKN celebrates 120 years!

A few impressive facts:

  • Each year, 3,000 students take the oath of scholarship, character and attitude.
  • 98 of the Top 100 Engineering schools in the USA have Eta Kappa Nu Chapters.
  • There are 30,000 active Alumni members of Eta Kappa Nu.
  • Despite the ongoing struggles due to COVID19, 4 new chapters were installed in 2020.  That includes the first 2 HKN Chapters to be installed in Spain, despite the pandemic.

What is behind this impressive growth? The short version, IEEE-HKN is resonating with this generation. The longer version, enhanced training for student leaders and faculty advisors is helping them to more effectively execute IEEE-HKN initiatives. This training is critical and exciting because it enables students and advisors to comprehensively plan and work together to accomplish their goals. When students and advisors see what works and have the tools for success, they are able to exceed all expectations.