IEEE-HKN is composed of members at different stages of their careers from all over the world! We are Chapter leaders, advisors, alumni, Eminent Members, young professionals, Board members and students. Meet some of our members below or visit IEEE tv or our YouTube channel!

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Christopher Sanderson

Region 5-6 Governor

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Liana Nicklaus

Applications Engineer at Arm

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Luz-Maria Sanchez Reyes

Ph.D. Student at the Autonomous University of Queretaro

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Steve Wozniak

HKN Eminent Member and
Co-Founder of Apple

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Jennifer Marley

Faculty Advisor and Region 3-4 Governor

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Jaimie Davis

Founder, Mu Omega Chapter at Florida Polytechnic University

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Rafi Koutoby

Distribution Engineer, Southern California Edison

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Robert Metcalfe

HKN Eeminent Member and Inventor of the Ethernet

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Henry Samueli

HKN Eminent Member and
Co-Founder of Broadcom

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James Hunter

Ph.D. Student at Missouri Science and Technology

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Hulya Kirkici

Governor At-Large

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Lorena Garcia

Region 7-10 Governor

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Alejandro Macho Aroca

Nu Alpha President

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Sampath Veeraraghavan

2022 IEEE-HKN President Elect

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Olivia Hsu

2020 Outstanding Student Award Winner

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Marty Cooper

HKN Eminent Member and Inventor of the Mobile Phone

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“Meeting, or virtually meeting, so many folks who are not just successful engineers but who also make the time to mentor and help the next batch was a nice reminder of why I wanted to go this way. I believe engineers help shape the future and that is something I want to be a part of.”

- Jean Dunbar2021 Student Leadership Conference attendee and candidate for induction

“As a student, one of the things that I really appreciated about my HKN membership is that it really served as a safe space for me to practice a lot of skills.”

- Amy JonesSupervisor, Construction and Forestry Division, John Deere

“By joining with others with shared ideals, one hones professional skills and contributes to the larger community. My favorite part of the induction ritual draws the analogy from the Wheatstone bridge which promotes ‘a balanced life,’ a life in which Scholarship, Character, and Attitude are jointly developed.”

- Steve Watkins2018 IEEE-HKN President and Faculty Advisor for the Gamma Theta Chapter