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“IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is the honor society of IEEE.  It promotes excellence in the profession and in education with ideals of


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It was founded on 28 October 1904 for students of electrical engineering.  Today, IEEE-HKN promotes professional accomplishment, service, and development for students and professionals in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and other IEEE fields of interest.”

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IEEE-HKN is a lifetime designation. Alumni, as well as professional members, are encouraged to stay connected and take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities that IEEE-HKN offers.

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IEEE Technology Time Machine 2018 – Ignite with a Twist

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Ignite with a Twist 

Call for Participants

Are you an IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) student currently working on a leading-edge future technology that will change business, society, or everyday life? Share your experiences and vision with peers and leading technologists at the IEEE Technology Time Machine 2018 (TTM 2018) conference.

The IEEE Technology Time Machine 2018 (TTM 2018) conference will offer attendees from research and industry innovative insights from top executives and pioneers regarding the impact of future technologies on business and industry, society and everyday life, ethics, and policy. Through interactive participation and stimulating panels, TTM 2018 will provide critical information on technological advances to help guide current and future decisions on use and implementation of these technologies Beyond Tomorrow. Speakers and attendees will network and learn from each other through synergies across technologies in industry, academia, and government, including in the areas of augmented and virtual reality, agriculture, neuroscience, robotics, technology entrepreneurism, and more.

To promote awareness of leading-edge research currently being performed in universities, IEEE-HKN is sponsoring Ignite with a Twist talks at TTM 2018.



Participation is open to conference attendees only. To participate, please send an email to ttminfo@ieee.org.



Typically, Ignite presenters use 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds to lay the foundation for a 5-minute talk. The Ignite with a Twist talks will be 5 minutes, but instead of slides, some sort of small prop(s) can be used to support the talk. One simple example, if you are working on robotics, you can show an R2-D2 figure while describing past robotic limitations then launch into the future of robotics as shown through your work. This is a chance to be creative and have fun while showcasing your great discoveries!


Typical Ignite presentations have the following ‘format’:

  • Hook
  • Background information
  • Evidence
  • Call to action / Future research or plan


The goal of the Ignite with a Twist talk is to articulate a topic in a quick, insightful, and clear manner. These concise and efficient talks are intended to grab the attention of the audience, convey the salient information, and spark interest in future activities.



You are expected to provide a short abstract (250 – 400 words) on your topic. Presenters will be selected based on the following criteria in their abstract:

  • Topic of interest to TTM 2018 (see keywords below)
  • Significance of future impact
  • Clarity and relevance
  • Uniqueness of topic in the future of technology


Send your abstract to ttminfo@ieee.org with the subject “IEEE TTM 2018 Ignite with a Twist.”




  • Monday 1 October 2018 – Final submission of abstracts
  • Wednesday 17 October 2018 – Notification of acceptance
  • Wednesday 31 October 2018 6:30 pm – Ignite with a Twist talks



Agricultural Food Systems, Artificial Intelligence & Ethics, Autonomous Vehicles & Systems, Biological Neuroprosthetics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Green Communications, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality, Programmable Genomics, Quantum Computing, Social Implications of Technology

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4 days ago

IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN)

Welcome to our newest Professional members
Robert A. Dent
John Impagliazzo
John Treichler

Congratulations and welcome to IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu
#IamHKN IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN)Today 2 IEEE Foundation Board members: Robert A. Dent and John Impagliazzo, Ph.D., and Board President John Treichler were inducted as Members of IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) Eta Chapter. They were elected thanks to the amazing professional qualities they demonstrate. Each proudly accepted the three Principles of IEEE-HKN: Scholarship, Character & Attitude and pledged The IEEE-HKN pledge: "I sincerely promise that I will live up to, in word and in deed, the principles for which IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu stands, to the members now and to those to come after, I bind myself to the faithful observance of these promises, I give my solemn word of honor."
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Welcome to our newest Professional members
Robert A. Dent
John Impagliazzo 
John Treichler

Congratulations and welcome to IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu
#IamHKN IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN)

2 weeks ago

IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN)

HKN at Technology Time Machine in San Diego. The Kappa Psi Chapter at the University of California, San Diego is onsite answering questions from High School Honor students about Engineering at University, their workshops, and outreach in the community. HKN students and Chapters are making a difference. How is your chapter inspiring the next class of young engineers?
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Comment on Facebook

The conference has been amazing for us so far, we love getting to meet everyone and teach them a bit more about what HKN is!

2 weeks ago

IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN)

Celebrating #HKNFoundersDay at IEEE and HKN Headquarters. HKN won the Fall decorating contest (notice our awesome HKN pumpkin)
HKN Founders Day Cake, that is Ravi Patel, HKN staff in the photo. In the winner's photo L - R, Nancy Ostin, HKN Director, 1st place: Eric S. (accounting) 2nd place, and Ray Alcantra (EPICS in IEEE) A for Effort!
IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) #IamHKN

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