Student Leadership Conference

This is IEEE-HKN’s premier leadership development and networking event for Chapter members from across the globe.

Tech X

The IEEE-HKN Experience is our premier online Tech Conference bringing together industry experts and our members for networking and learning.

Pathways to Industry

We are bringing together students and professionals to discuss personal career paths, share hard-earned insights, and offer practical advice for young engineers

Career Conversations

A series of podcasts managed by the Young Alumni Group HKN brings together experts to have  career conversations about the challenges of being a professional today.  This diverse group of hosts engage a range of guests and experiences in search of valuable guidance. Career Conversations are available on all podcast platforms, and on our YouTube Channel.

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The HKN Connection

Our podcast series gives behind-the-scenes access to the honor society from those who know it best: our volunteers, staff, and partners.

Grad Lab

Take a deep dive into the unique challenges and opportunities that Graduate School offers through IEEE-HKN’s latest webinar series. 

The HKN X-Factor Conversations

This webinar series features conversations with HKN Eminent Members — the visionaries and game-changers of our industry.

Pathways to Academia Webinar Series

Co-sponsored by IEEE-HKN, the IEEE Education Society, and the IEEE Educational Activities Board, this multipart series of interactive virtual events is designed specifically for engineering, computing and technology students interested in pursuing or professionals just starting their academic careers.