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IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is a lifetime designation. Once inducted into IEEE-HKN, you carry all of the rights and privileges of IEEE-HKN and can identify yourself as IEEE-HKN forever. After graduation, IEEE-HKN members continue their involvement through their own university chapter (or any local chapter) as graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, or as professionals volunteering for IEEE-HKN activities. IEEE-HKN offers Alumni and Professional members many opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute, long after graduation.

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“I sincerely promise that I will live up to… in word and in deed…
the principles for which IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu stands…
To the members now and to those to come after…
I bind myself to the faithful observance of these promises…
I give my solemn word of honor.”

As a lifetime member of HKN, we invite you to be a part of the society’s success! 

Alumni Stories

HKN Nu Chapter Alum Shares Stories and Advice with Current Student Members

Stories of Chapter life, academic pursuits, and where an engineering career could take someone were on the menu when John McWilliams (Nu Chapter) and his wife, Jane, met with current members of the Nu Chapter, Iowa State University, over dinner.

“Dinner with the McWilliams and other Student members of our Chapter was an enjoyable evening, where we not only got a break from studying, but an opportunity to hear John share stories from his life as a professional engineer,” said Chapter President Evan McKinney. “With John we discussed the history of the State of Iowa, history of engineering at Iowa State University, and some hilarious stories from his global travels.”

“It is always interesting to talk to people who were in my shoes once and see how much has changed, or more interestingly, how much has stayed the same,” said Chapter Vice President Felipe Verela Carhalho. “Meeting such an experienced HKN alum like John and his wife, Jane, transcends the HKN experience since it just shows to us, young professionals, how many opportunities we have in front of us and where our job as engineers can lead us to. Furthermore, I say this from all of the HKN members that were present during dinner, just having the opportunity to sit down and talk to an HKN alum, ask questions and share experiences provided us with a great time.”

For their part, the McWilliams said the evening was quite enjoyable. “We swapped old engineering stories and new engineering stories, covering the range of taking a course to learn how to use a calculator to studying quantum computing while eating barbeque,” John said. “As an alumni member of Nu Chapter, meeting these outstanding students gave me insight into the future of engineering.”

Generations: Father and Daughter Share HKN Bond by Sarah Cratem

All throughout my life, my parents have inspired me and pushed me to be the best I could be. Both of my parents graduated with their bachelor’s in electrical engineering and were a part of honor societies, including for my dad, HKN at the University of Florida. They nurtured my interest in math and science and encouraged me to learn at home too. I can remember watching my dad fix things in our house and asking him what he was doing and if I could help. I loved to play with his tools and try to understand how they worked. One New Year’s, my brother had a light-up hat that had stopped working; there was a wire that had broken. My dad went and retrieved his old soldering kit from college, and my parents soldered the wire, fixing the hat. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing!

In sophomore year of college, I received my invitation to join HKN. My dad encouraged me to join because he said many of his close friends were in it with him, and so I did. Last year I ran for the position of corresponding secretary of my Chapter and won. At one of our meetings, I was looking at our ledger of dues from past semesters. On one of the pages I recognized the handwriting, sent my dad a picture, and asked if it was his. Turns out he was treasurer of the Chapter when he was at UF, and it was really amazing to see my dad’s name and handwriting in the book, from when he was inducted and paid his dues to when he was collecting the dues. We both have enjoyed being in Eta Kappa Nu and it is an incredible bond we share.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a number of options for you depending on your schedule, location and passion, including:

  • Serving on one of IEEE-HKN’s committees

Alumni are also encouraged to serve on the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors. Nominations are due on 1 June. Learn more about the Board of Governors and the election process.

To volunteer in any capacity, contact IEEE-HKN Headquarters or check out your local IEEE-HKN chapter.

Alumni wishing to support the society financially may do so through the HKN funds operated in cooperation with the IEEE Foundation (a 501(c)3 registered charitable organization). Please consider supporting the future generations of IEEE-HKN by leaving a legacy gift, supplementing annual operational needs, or donating to a specific program.

Alumni Reconnect

Has it been a while since we last heard from you?
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Members and alumni may use the IEEE website to update their membership data. At a minimum, always include a current email address in the data, as IEEE-HKN members will receive communication primarily through this channel.

As an alternative, you can complete the Alumni Reconnect form and IEEE-HKN Headquarters will confirm your membership and update your record.

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Note: If you are an IEEE member, your HKN/IEEE-HKN status should be noted on your IEEE membership card. However, the IEEE-HKN designation cannot be added online. Please email IEEE-HKN Headquarters and include your chapter, approximate induction date, the name under which you were inducted, and your IEEE number. IEEE-HKN Headquarters will confirm your membership and update your record.

Alumni are strongly encouraged to add IEEE-HKN to their CV, bio, author notes and/or social media profiles. The proper way to display your Eta Kappa Nu status on your resume, bio, or CV is:
• (If inducted before 2010) Eta Kappa Nu (or HKN) inducted xx/xx/xxxx , XXXXX chapter (or)
• (If inducted after 2010) IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (or IEEE-HKN) inducted xx/xx/xxx, XXXXX chapter

Post-merger with IEEE, all students who are inducted as IEEE-HKN students are IEEE student members. To be considered active in IEEE-HKN, one must be a member in good standing of IEEE.