In 2022, a pilot Alumni – Graduate student Mentoring Program was created to forge closer ties between professional HKN members and graduate students. The pilot program had the dedicated participation of nine mentors supporting 14 graduate students. Mentors and mentees formalized their goals by signing a contract which also included agreed upon meeting times and topics to cover which ranged from how to build a start-up while bonding to how to evaluate post-graduation job offers.

The Graduate Student Activities Sub-Committee is looking for motivated alumni who are eager to share their perspectives to shape the future of the next generation of engineering leaders!  Being a mentor requires only 2-4 hours per month and is one of the most effective opportunities to give back to students. Interested alumni should submit a brief profile and target key areas where they would like to mentor students.  Click button below to apply!

“I’m really enjoying my interactions with my Mentor as she is really putting efforts to help me in all the ways possible.”

Graduate Student Mentee

“There’s no greater feeling as a mentor than to use your experience to help others achieve success themselves. When they accomplish something they didn’t think they could do, and they are so happy and confident, and they say that they couldn’t have done it without your help, that’s what it is all about.”

John D. McDonald, IEEE Life Fellow and Member of National Academy of Engineering

“[My mentor] has provided incredible insight into building my career and perspectives into surviving the challenging conditions of grad school. He has provided pivotal help in preparing for interviews and helping me shape my resume. I am more than happy to call [My mentor] a mentor, role model and friend. Thank you for the awesome program!”

Graduate Student Mentee