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Founded in 1904 by Maurice L.Carr and nine fellow students at the University of Illinois, Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) was originally established to help electrical engineering graduates find employment and gain footholds in their careers. Today, IEEE-HKN is 200,000 members strong and is the honor society for IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization for advancing technology for humanity. IEEE-HKN is still dedicated to encouraging and recognizing academic excellence, impeccable character and the positive attitude needed to lead and serve others. IEEE-HKN develops promising young professionals into resilient, collaborative, global citizens and is with them through every step of their professional journey. IEEE-HKN offers access to countless experiences, opens doors to a lifetime of learning, and encompasses a global network of visionary leaders with heart.

Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
What is HKN?
What is HKN?

IEEE-HKN members consist of students, alumni, and other professionals who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments. Student members are selected on the basis of scholastic standing, character, and leadership. Professional members are nominated by a current member and selected by virtue of their contributions.

What is HKN?
The Board of Governors
The Board
Of Governors

The overall governance of IEEE-HKN is the responsibility of the Board of Governors, a volunteer organization of dedicated IEEE-HKN members that have prominent positions in academia and industry.

The Board of Governors
Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities
and Advertising

By working with IEEE-HKN, your company or university will reach a select group of high-achieving, service-oriented students from 268 university chapters around the world. These future leaders are actively involved in our conferences, events, and workshops, giving you the opportunity to recruit, educate, and engage the best and the brightest.

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities
Power Alumni Connections

Dive into the 100+ year history of HKN and its 2010 merger with IEEE. Learn about the values, milestones, traditions, and people that make up our IEEE-HKN story.

IEEE-HKN History

"There’s a specialness that goes along with being a member of HKN.
You work hard as a person, and because you have these skills and these
abilities, there’s an obligation to give back to the world. It’s a challenge,
but I think it’s also a good challenge because it keeps your eye on the ball
and keeps you moving in the direction you should be going."

- Bernie Sander2020-2021 Board of Governors Secretary

"It’s not just technical work, it’s writing, communicating, and figuring out how
to be a good problem-solver, an independent thinker, and how to ask hard
questions. To sum up, HKN helped me be a more well-rounded engineer
and that helped me in a lot of different aspects of my everyday life."

- Katelyn BrinkerElectrical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate

"HKN gives you the framework of what you need to be successful in an Electrical
Engineering academic setting, a professional setting, and also in the community
setting… the framework to be successful as a student all the way to retirement."

- Dr. Marcus HuggansExecutive Director of Client Relations at the National GEM Consortium

"By providing a place to grow in perseverance, problem-solving skills, and commitment to values, IEEE-HKN prepares students who are about to be one step out of academia to succeed in a values-driven workforce."

Rafi KoutobyDistribution Engineer, Southern California Edison