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We are thrilled to announce an exciting event open to all HKN Chapters all over the world: an International Hackathon! Calling all HKN to participate in playing, and any volunteers or Alumni to help judging or planning!

The hackathon aims to bring us all together for a week-long collaborative coding event. Our goals are manifold: to have fun together, tackle novel challenges, expand our skill sets, and build valuable networks. This hackathon coincides with the celebration of our association’s “Founder’s Day,” October 28th, which will be the central theme of the challenges.

Participants will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of tracks and challenges tailored to different interests and skill levels. Introductory lessons and didactic material will be provided for each of them, to support all of you in the different steps. These tracks and challenges will be designed to align with the main theme of the event and offer diverse opportunities for exploration and innovation.

Then, each chapter will have one week to work on the assigned task and finally present their sparkling work at an online final event, where all of us can participate! Don’t worry, the different time zones will be taken into account. We are also planning to invite guests and prepare interesting speeches, so you won’t want to miss the event.

The hackathon will be happening the week before Founders Day, October 28th, with a virtual event for the finale, date and time TBD.

Chapters can sign up until August 28th.

If your Chapter is interested in participating, please fill out this form!

If you are interested in helping judge at the final event, or would like to volunteer to help the production of it, please fill out this form!

More information to come!

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