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The IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) life-long designation is earned: Individuals must be invited to join. IEEE-HKN is recognized around the globe as the one honor society that represents the highest values of our profession. It identifies and develops technical leaders through community service, leadership opportunities, and life-long experience. Student members represent the top 25% of their junior class and top 33% of their senior class of their first academic degree. Professionals are eligible for induction based on their professional contributions, volunteer service, and commitment to the principles of IEEE-HKN.

Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Prospective Members/Benefits

By joining with others with shared ideals, one hones professional skills and contributes to the larger community. IEEE-HKN has approximately 200,000 members and more than 100 years of history, recognition, and tradition.

Prospective Members/Benefits
Forming/Reactivating a Chapter
Forming or
Reactivating a Chapter

Whether you’re looking to start or revitalize a chapter at your university, IEEE-HKN is here to help! Check out our resources and then contact us to discuss next steps.

Forming or Reactivating a Chapter
Professional Member Nomination
Member Nomination

A candidate for professional membership must be nominated and receive endorsements of a current member. All members must demonstrate exceptional character to their peers, and must possess the proper attitude to work hard, to continually challenge themselves, and be willing to help others.

Professional Member Nomination
Bob Metcalfe Eminent Member Video

"In addition to having the required scholastic rank, members of IEEE-HKN are supported with training and mentorship."

- Dr. Asad MadniEminent Member

"HKN can be your technical and professional home throughout your entire career."

- Katelyn BrinkerElectrical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate

"When you join HKN, you make us better. Everyone that joins us makes us a stronger community and a better organization."

- Amy JonesEngineering Supervisor at John Deere

"You don’t get into HKN just because you have good grades. You get into HKN because you have a mindset of building a conducive positive community geared around outreach and collaboration."

- Joseph Greene2021-2022 Student Governor