IEEE-HKN Graduate Student Initiatives

Graduate students are an important part of the IEEE-HKN family, bridging the gap between students and professionals. To our collegiate communities, they provide knowledge, connections and experience. To our greater community, they bring a vigor to learn and engage. As an organization, HKN is dedicated to supporting our graduate students as they pursue their higher education. Learn how HKN complements your graduate school experience to provide the best for our graduate student members!

Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community

GradLab is IEEE-HKN's series of webinars focused on the opportunities and challenges of Graduate School.

Successful Practices Database
Graduate Fellowships, Scholarships, and Grants

Looking for funding to support your graduate research? There are a ton of opportunities across IEEE! Check out our calendar for upcoming graduate fellowship, scholarship, and grant deadlines.

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HKN Graduate Student Newsletter

Each month we send a newsletter to all current HKN Graduate Student Members. This newsletter is full of upcoming opportunities. If you're not currently receiving the newsletter, be sure to contact us!

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Graduate Research Profiles
IEEE-HKN Graduate Student Research Profiles

Are you an HKN member doing graduate research? Submit a research profile for the chance to be featured in The Bridge on the HKN social media channels!

HKN Learns

Moved Universities for Grad School?

You don’t have to be re-inducted (once HKN, always HKN!) and you can find out if there’s a chapter at your new university here! If you need help connecting with the chapter at your new university, reach out to your regional governor or fill out our contact form.

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Volunteer with HKN

Want to get more involved with HKN at the global level? Volunteer with one of our numerous committees and projects!

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Should I join HKN as a Grad Student?

Yes! HKN is a lifelong designation that is widely recognized across academia and industry. HKN also offers numerous opportunities for you to develop yourself both technically and professionally.