Interested in forming an IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) chapter on your campus? The team at IEEE-HKN Headquarters is eager to assist you.

Start by reading the steps below and by completing the new chapter inquiry form.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss forming a new chapter, please contact IEEE-HKN Headquarters.

New chapter criteria

New IEEE-HKN chapters must meet the following established requirements:

  • The school must offer undergraduate or graduate degree programs in any of the IEEE designated fields of interest. This includes engineering, computer sciences and information technology, physical sciences, biological and medical sciences, mathematics, technical communications, education, management, law, and policy.
  • Programs in the IEEE designated fields of interest in US institutions must be accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). For institutions in other parts of the world, programs must meet the requirements of a recognized regional or professional accrediting agency.
  • The department chair, dean of engineering, school chancellor, and other appropriate university administrators must support the formation of an IEEE-HKN chapter on your campus.
  • A minimum of eight eligible students must be identified to establish the chapter and prepare the required submission materials. These students will become the charter members of the new chapter.

After verifying that your campus meets this criteria, complete the new chapter inquiry form. Once submitted, IEEE-HKN Headquarters will contact you to help proceed.

Next steps for prospective chapters

  • Appoint a faculty adviser for the prospective chapter (often, this position is appointed by the department chair).
  • Identify the exact list of charter members. This list must contain a minimum of eight eligible students and, as a practical matter, should be limited to a maximum of 15 students who will most actively take part in the establishment of the new chapter. In many cases, a much larger number of students will be eligible at the time of the new chapter’s installation. Many new chapters will hold their first regular new member induction during the new chapter’s installation in order to induct all of the eligible members into the chapter.
  • The charter members should elect interim chapter officers if they desire for running the prospective chapter until the chapter is officially installed. Submit a notice of election of officers form listing the interim chapter officers and faculty adviser. Select ‘School/Chapter not on list — applying for charter” under School and Charter name.
  • Secure a statement to the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors, requesting to form the new chapter, signed by the charter members.
  • Secure a statement to the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors, signed by the department chair and the dean of the college stating details about the degree programs at your college or university. This letter should state the degree programs offered and the ABET accreditation status of those institutions in the US, or the equivalent recognized regional or professional accrediting agency for those institutions in other parts of the world. It should also state the number of students enrolled and graduated in each of the programs during the past few years, along with any other historical and/or pertinent information about the school and its degree programs.
  • Secure a statement of approval to the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors, signed and/or endorsed by the department chair, the dean of engineering, the dean of students, and the university president (or their equivalents), that states their support for the formation of the new IEEE-HKN chapter on your campus. In some organizations, the chief academic officer has the title of chancellor or provost.
  • Create a chapter operations manual to govern the new chapter. For help drafting this document, see the Chapter Operations Manual template (DOC, 68 KB).
  • Submit a student inductee documentation form. This form requires contact information for each inductee. Select “School Not on List.” Note: The payment portion of this form will not be processed until after the charter is reviewed and approved. Your chapter may add or remove inductees from this form if the charter is approved but must always include at least inductees for the installation.

Submission to IEEE-HKN Headquarters and review of application

Once all of the above materials are gathered, submit the following to IEEE-HKN Headquarters:

  1. letter requesting establishment of the new chapter;
  2. statement of degree programs and accreditation status;
  3. letter of support from university officials;
  4. proposed operations manual for the new chapter;
  5. student inductee documentation form listing all charter members, and payment of induction fees;
  6. notice of election of officers form that lists the interim officers and faculty advisor.

Items 1–4 should be submitted via e-mail attachment to Items 5–6 will be received by IEEE-HKN Headquarters automatically upon submission. You may also mail hard copies of all materials to IEEE-HKN, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ, USA 08854.

This package of materials will be reviewed by IEEE-HKN’s Board of Governors. After this review, IEEE-HKN Headquarters will notify your contact of the results of the review.

If your application is approved, the planning for the chapter installation ceremony may proceed.

Chapter installation

The installation of a new IEEE-HKN chapter is a significant event for the IEEE-HKN community.

Once the application is approved, the date of the chapter installation will be agreed upon with IEEE-HKN Headquarters. A representative from the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors (or a designated representative) will visit your campus to officially install the new chapter and present the chapter proclamation.

The official name of the new chapter will be assigned. Chapter names are assigned in chronological order of installation.

Chapters are encouraged to invite all department faculty members, the department chair, the dean of the college, other university officials, and even special guests from neighboring IEEE-HKN chapters to attend. Friends and families of the inductees should be invited to witness the induction.

Chapters should arrange for all facilities and invited guests for the installation event.

IEEE-HKN Headquarters will assist you in preparing the agenda for the installation ceremony. Following the official installation ceremony and the induction of the charter members, you are encouraged to host a reception or a banquet. This offers an opportunity for the new members to interact with the guests and IEEE-HKN representatives.

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