The culture of philanthropy is baked into the DNA of HKN as it is embodied in our guiding tenets of Scholarship, Character and Attitude. The society is able to achieve its impact as individuals, as Chapters, and as a global organization because the members and friends of IEEE-HKN give their time, talent, and treasure. For example, in 2021 IEEE-HKN student members logged more than 64,000 service hours despite COVID, reflecting a deep desire of our members to use their talents to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.

As part of this community, you have the power to amplify our impact. Your contribution is needed to strengthen the HKN experience for members at all levels.


Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Invest in our Community
Giving Back
Celebrating 50 Years
as HKN By Giving Back

John McDonald, Beta Chapter, enjoys giving back to Eta Kappa Nu because of the reinforcement and confidence he received when being inducted as a student in 1971. As he reflected on his years in industry, he realized: "I’ve come to the point in my career where I’ve already had plenty of awards and recognition, I don’t need that anymore. My greatest satisfaction is helping a young person be successful themselves, and when they achieve success, seeing how happy they are and knowing I had something to do with that. What really drives me today is to help other people."

Giving Back
Inspiring Excellence
Inspiring Excellence
Through Giving

The Asad M. Madni Outstanding Technical Achievement and Excellence Award is IEEE-HKN’s highest award and given each year to a practitioner who has distinguished themself through an invention, development, discovery or innovation in electrical or computer sciences, engineering or technology, with worldwide impact. The award is IEEE-HKN’s first fully endowed award, and was made possible through a generous donation from the Madni Family and a matching gift campaign. It blazes the trail for other donors wishing to expand HKN’s impact in this way. "The Madni Family’s gift is transformative for IEEE-HKN, and we appreciate their assistance in encouraging others to fulfill the mission and vision of recognizing scholarship, attitude and character and to develop the next generation of engineers to meet the challenges of the future," said 2019 IEEE-HKN President Karen Panetta.

Inspiring Excellence
Supporting Student Success
Student Success

Through her financial contributions as a board member of the IEEE Foundation, Dr. Sarah Rajala always commits part of her giving toward HKN. She recalls: “One of the things that was always important to me throughout my time as an undergraduate as well as in my career, was my participation in Eta Kappa Nu, so I wanted to provide some of the funding I gave to the IEEE Foundation to dedicate it to Eta Kappa Nu.” From her life experience, she knows a strong education is the stepping stone to professional excellence, and HKN walks alongside students to equip them to be engineers who are not just successful, but also intentional in giving back and responsible for their decisions. To be a part of preparing the next generation of engineers is something that compels Dr. Rajala to keep giving.

Supporting Student Success
A Commitment to HKN’s Mission
A Commitment
to HKN’s Mission

Our Board members believe so strongly in the impact and importance of IEEE-HKN that they each donate to one or more HKN funds every year. 100% Annual Giving from our Board is a proud tradition we celebrate. They take a leadership role in giving and invite other donors to do the same. Join our Board members in championing the mission and vision of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu.

HKN Mission

Enhance Lifelong Membership

Investing in an interconnected HKN network that any member, anywhere can activate at any stage of their career allows us to expand programming, such as professional development sessions and networking events. It also helps us to launch some of the programming that young to senior-level professionals have long been asking for, such as professional affinity groups at major companies, volunteer opportunities to support HKN students and others, and digital platforms to connect with others. With your help, we can build this network, adding features that give our members the most fulfilling HKN experience throughout their careers.



IEEE-HKN's Student Chapter Support Fund Helps Every Chapter Be Successful

Chapters are the lifeblood of HKN. By supporting them, you strengthen the entire HKN organization and set into motion a pipeline of engaged members with a foundational experience — members who are prepared and motivated to enhance the HKN experience throughout their lives and careers. University support provided to their respective Chapters varies widely and can limit the range of activities a Chapter may pursue. With this in mind, the IEEE-HKN Student Chapter Support Fund has been established to create and enhance the resources, training, and programs every Chapter needs to reach their full potential. We are excited to announce that John  and Jo-Ann McDonald provided the first gift in support of this dedicated Fund that provides HKN the mechanism to begin a Chapter Grant program and a supplemental Chapter coaching program. Please join us in our mission to give every student the chance to be part of a strong, well-supported Chapter.


Develop the Leaders Our World Needs

The IEEE-HKN Student Leadership Conference gives attendees unique opportunities to grow as leaders, and to bring what they learn back to their campuses to fuel the personal and professional development of even more HKN students. Your support of the Student Leadership Conference provides critical funding to ensure 100% of our Chapters will receive funding that supports them in sending at least one participant to this important event. Your gift will allow them to build connections across the HKN network and share in the rich benefits of the conference.



"I will always remember the SLC as the moment that taught me that IEEE-HKN isn't just a local honor for a graduating student, but a passionate community that is there to support you wherever your next step takes you."

- Joseph Greene2021-2022 Student Governor, Kappa Sigma Chapter

I’ve had a very long and successful career in engineering as an academic. I had opportunities to serve in various leadership positions both in professional societies as well as at my university, and I really have to thank Eta Kappa Nu for laying the groundwork for me back as an undergraduate.
I never realized it at that time, and often students don’t when they’re going through the process, but it provided me opportunities and recognized I had some abilities in the context of technically doing well in the program, as well as leadership opportunities. That is groundwork I can look back now and see."

- Dr. Sarah RajalaDean Emerita Iowa State University, IEEE Foundation Board Director, Beta Gamma Chapter

"I think HKN has made a really big difference in my academics and trajectory overall and I couldn’t be more thankful for it"

- Ashley Kuhnley2021-2022 Student Governor, Lambda Beta Chapter

IEEE-HKN student members are the best and brightest, and often the most devoted to serving others. I want to ensure that my financial support of IEEE-HKN gives these students the opportunity to learn more than math, electronics and programming. I want to make sure they learn how important it is to serve their profession and their communities."

- James M. Conrad2022 IEEE-HKN President and former IEEE-USA President, Beta Eta Chapter