Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Nu Beta

Created in July 2020, we are the first IEEE-HKN chapter in Spain in pair with the Nu Alpha chapter. Nu Beta Chapter at UPM is focused on innovation, participating in international congresses, building stronger bonds with other IEEE-HKN chapters and teaching concepts to other members at UPM.
We believe technology is the best way to improve the world and fix current and future issues.

Region 8: Africa, Europe, Middle East

Section: Spain Section

Founding Date: July 17, 2020

Update Now

Last Update: 6/1/2021


UPM or Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is the result of the union in 1971 of all the different technical schools in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Since then, UPM has gained a reputation as the best college in Spain to obtain a major in an engineering field and has recognition as a prestigious university.

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