If your chapter has not submitted induction paperwork or an Annual Chapter Report in the last two years, your chapter is considered “inactive.” To reactivate your chapter, follow the steps below.

How to reactivate a chapter

  • To begin, contact IEEE-HKN Headquarters to verify that your school has initiated a chapter in the past and is now classified as “inactive.”
  • Identify at least eight enthusiastic students to become inducted into your chapter; also identify at least four individuals to serve as officers (president, vice president, treasurer, corresponding secretary; additional leadership positions can be created). Obtain approval and support from the department head for reactivation and ask that he or she appoint a faculty adviser to serve as a mentor for the students and act as a liaison between the chapter and department. The faculty adviser must be a member of IEEE-HKN; if an interested person has not already been inducted, he or she can be initiated at the next induction ceremony.
  • Consider candidates who are pursuing courses leading to a first professional degree in an IEEE designated field of interest (typically Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering, and in some areas, Master of Science or Master of Engineering).
  • Update your Chapter Operations Manual or rewrite it if it has been misplaced during inactivity. Use the Chapter Operations Manual template (DOC, 68 KB) to assist. Send IEEE-HKN Headquarters a copy to keep on file.
  • Send a letter to IEEE-HKN Headquarters, signed by the faculty adviser and department head, requesting reactivation of the chapter.
  • Submit to Headquarters the student inductee documentation form and payment for your inductees. Once the paperwork and payment has been received, Headquarters staff will process certificates and enter the initiates into IEEE-HKN records. It is only at this time that inductees will be considered members of IEEE-HKN.
  • Hold an induction ceremony. If your chapter needs a new signature book for the induction, purchase one through the IEEE-HKN store.
  • Send Headquarters the notice of election of officers after each election. This form is used to record officers in IEEE-HKN records.
  • By 30 June of each year, submit the Annual Chapter Report.

Congratulations, your chapter is now considered active!

Maintaining active status

To maintain active status, a Chapter must:

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