Use these forms and resources to help your chapter maintain active status. For additional support, contact IEEE-HKN Headquarters.

To maintain active status, a Chapter must:

Chapter Successful Practices Database

Report Induction


Update Your
Chapter Page

Chapter Activity 

Deadline: 14 days after each activity, event, and meeting

Chapter Report

Deadline: 30 September 2021
to qualify for Key Chapter Recognition

HKN Learns!

Available to chapter officers and advisors


Branding Guide and Templates


Recruiting Materials

  • Feature the IEEE-HKN Showcase video on your website. You can download the video by following the link.
  • What is IEEE-HKN? Share this presentation with potential members or those interested in learning about IEEE-HKN.
  • NEW!! How can your chapter induct graduate students and why should you? Get these questions and more answered in our Graduate Student Induction Info Document.

Induction Materials

To continue the ongoing traditions of IEEE-HKN, chapters should follow the induction ritual script each induction. The script should be practiced in person by the chapter officers at least once before the induction. Note: Other than the president and vice president, all indicated officer titles are optional, and the chapter may assign roles as deemed appropriate to other members of the induction panel. It is strongly encouraged that female officers or members of the chapter present material associated with Drs. Hopper and Clarke.

Remote Inductions

Should you have any questions or concerns about the remote induction process, please contact the chair of the society’s Membership & Chapters Committee, Michael Benson

Initiate Activities and Materials

Faculty Advisors


Use this Operations Manual template to craft a chapter specific operations manual.

Note: Every chapter is required to operate with an approved Chapter Operations Manual. To request approval of your chapter operations manual, please email it to and Cc

Administrative Documents

These documents from various Chapters can help guide you in some best practices for your Chapter:

Chapter Reporting Status

Curious to see how your chapter stacks up against the others?

Find out!

How to use OU Analytics

Want to contact your HKN Chapter’s Alumni but don’t know how to navigate the database? Check out this step-by-step guide on how to use OU Analytics.

OU Analytics Guide

Award Nomination Deadlines

Distinguished Service Award due by 3 May 2021

Outstanding Young Professional Award due by by 3 May 2021

Outstanding Teaching Award due by 3 May 2021

Alton B. Zerby and Carl T. Koerner Outstanding Student Award due by 30 June each year

Outstanding Chapter Award due by 30 June each year

Key Chapter Recognition due by 30 September each year