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Forms Deadline to submit (if applicable)

Chapter Activity Report

(Submit Event, Activity, and Meeting Reports)

Chapters should submit information about every meeting, activity, and event hosted or co-hosted after the meeting, activity, or event. Pro Tip: Complete a Chapter Activity Report with in two weeks after the activity to be able to capture as much detail as possible.

These reports will be available to chapter officers, advisors and will be used to construct the annual chapter report.


Annual Chapter Report Every chapter is required to submit this annual chapter report. This form should be submitted after you have submitted your chapter’s activities using the Chapter Activity Report (above). Please view the award eligibility requirements below for the chapter reports.

Notice of Election of Officers form As soon as possible after chapter elections
Inductee Documentation form (Review the Instructions) Submit your documentation and payment two to three weeks before your induction ceremony to receive the certificates in time for your induction. Otherwise, submit the documentation and payment as soon as possible after the induction ceremony. Note: This form should only be submitted ONCE per chapter induction on behalf of all inductees. Remember to use the IEEE-HKN Inductee logsheet template (XLS, 30 KB) for the documentation.
Replacement Certificate form Lost your IEEE-HKN induction certificate? Order a replacement certificate online.
Chapter Page Update Updating your chapter page fulfills a requirement for key chapter status.
Request a Founders Day Kit Please submit a Founders Day request as early as possible so your kit can arrive before October 28, 2019.


Recruiting Materials

  • Feature the IEEE-HKN Showcase video on you website. You can download the video by following the link.
  • What is IEEE-HKN? Share this presentation with potential members or those interested in learning about IEEE-HKN.

Induction Materials

To continue the ongoing traditions of IEEE-HKN, chapters should follow the induction ritual script each induction. The script should be practiced in person by the chapter officers at least once before the induction. Note: Other than the president and vice president, all indicated officer titles are optional, and the chapter may assign roles as deemed appropriate to other members of the induction panel. It is strongly encouraged that female officers or members of the chapter present material associated with Drs. Hopper and Clarke.

Initiate Activities and Materials

Faculty Advisors


Use these template for official Chapter business.

Example Documents

Below are some documents from various chapters that can help to guide you in some best practices for your chapter:

Career Mixer

Initiate Welcome Meeting

Mentor Program

Eligibles Packet

Officer Transition

Project Proposal

HKN Invitation

Officer Recruitment

Sample letter for the approval of Graduate Students

Chapter Reporting Status

Curious to see how your chapter stacks up against the others?

Find out!

Important Dates

2019 Student Leadership Conference:
1st-3rd November
Tufts University-Boston, MA

Please request a Founders Day Kit before October 28

Chapter Reports due no later than 30th June

Chapter inductions and officer reports due at least once per year

Award Nomination Deadlines

Distinguished Service Award due by the 6th of May

Outstanding Young Professional Award due by the 6th of May

Outstanding Teaching Award due by the 6th of May

Alton B. Zerby and Carl T. Koerner Outstanding Student Award due by the 30th of June

Outstanding Chapter Award due by the 30th of September