Instructions: Report Meetings, Events, & Activities

Please fill out the following form after you have held an activity. The information you provide here will automatically be transferred into your Annual Chapter Report. THIS IS NOT YOUR ANNUAL CHAPTER REPORT.

Please file your Annual Chapter Report by 30 June to be eligible for Key Chapter Recognition. Note: Activity reports will help you build a more detailed account or your activities throughout the year.

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  • Please select your chapter designation from the following list. If you are unsure as to what your designation is, please visit this page to look it up.
  • Please enter the URL for your chapter's website.
  • Please select all of the following descriptions that best matches your role in your chapter.
  • Activity / Event Information

  • Please provide the name of the event / activity.
  • Please select all of the following categories that apply to your event / activity.

    Chapter Internal - Activities only open to members of your chapter.

    Chapter Meeting - Regular meetings with inducted and/or potential new members.

    Corporate - Events involving at least one company.

    Community Outreach - Activities designed to raise the profile of your chapter on your campus or in your community.

    Educational - Activities designed with an educational theme. These can be tutorials for your members or activities hosted by your members for the benefit of others (e.g. tutoring)

    HKN International Society Event - Activities promoted and encouraged by IEEE-HKN including attending the annual student leadership conference, participating in HKN Founders' Day, and other related activities.

    Social - Activities designed to build connections and a community within your chapter.

    Service - Activities that assist your department, college, university, community, or the larger world.

    Technical - Activities that involve cutting edge technology.
  • Please check all audiences that this event or activity targeted for inclusion. This could mean the groups that were invited to participate or the groups that were made aware of the event / activity.
  • Please indicate if the activity that you are reporting took place electronically or if it involved an in-person component.
  • Where did you host this event / activity. If the activity was conducted electronically, please provide details for the electronic activity (e.g. WebEx, Google Hangouts, etc).
  • When did this event / activity take place? If it spanned multiple dates, please list the date where it started here and note the duration and frequency in the Description of Activity field.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please calculate this by combining all of the sessions in this event, and then multiplying it by the total number of active IEEE-HKN participants. If a person participated in multiple sessions, please INCLUDE all of that person's hours.

    Example: Your chapter has hosted a STEM event for students at a local elementary school. 3 members planned the event and 10 members visited the school and worked with elementary students. The planning took 5 hours and the event itself lasted for 2 hours.

    In this example, you would enter 35 as the Total HKN Person Hours (3 people * 5 planning hours + 10 people * 2 event hours = 15 + 20 = 35 hours).

    Example 2: Your chapter hosts a seminar with a company. You create a flyer to distribute on campus (this takes 1 hour). 5 members of your chapter (inducted members as well as candidates) spend an hour each distributing flyers. 50 people attend the corporate session. Of the attendees, 7 are members of your chapter (inducted members as well as candidates).

    In this example, you would enter 13 as the Total HKN Person Hours (1 person creating the flyer * 1 hour + 5 people distributing the flyer * 1 hour + 7 people attending the event * 1 hour long event = 13 hours.)
    Please enter a number from 0 to 10000000.
  • Impacted can mean: attended / participated in the planning or execution of the event / activity OR otherwise benefited from the event / activity.
  • Impacted can mean: attended / participated in the planning or execution of the event / activity OR otherwise benefited from the event / activity.
  • Impacted can mean: attended / participated in the planning or execution of the event / activity or otherwise benefited from the event / activity.
  • If the number of companies impacted by this event is non-zero, please list the impacted companies here and provide a brief (1 - 2 sentence) description of the nature of their involvement / impact.
  • Please reflect on your activity / event and note its successes and areas for improvement if it were to be hosted again.
  • By selecting yes, your event will be reviewed by the HKN Ritual Committee and you will be contacted by a member of the committee. After a discussion, and potential revision to ensure that all necessary information is included, aspects of this report may be shared with other chapters.
  • If you do not check this box, we will be unable to consider your activity / event for inclusion as a successful practice.
  • These files should include any flyers and/or emails used to advertise the event / activity, pictures from the event / activity, Powerpoint presentations used at the event / activity, etc.

    Please include any / all pictures taken of the event in addition to other relevant files
    Drop files here or
  • Please provide a one or two sentence description of each file attached to this report.

    Please also include links to any social media posts about this activity / event.

    If you aren't attaching any files and you don't have any social media posts to link, please enter N/A in this field.