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Amid COVID-19, IEEE-HKN Puts Member Service First

By June 1, 2020 No Comments

The 2020 theme for HKN has truly been one of resilience and adaptation. As the University experience for many students has transitioned to online courses and events, we continue to ensure that HKN students have a robust Chapter experience.

  • Continue the formation and growth of Chapters: In the past few months, three new Chapters have been formed, and one Chapter has been reinstated. Leaders from established Chapters have mentored our new members, illustrating the strength of the HKN community and the dedication of our members.
  • Transition the Induction Ritual to a Remote Experience: Every student who has accepted an invitation to join HKN should have the opportunity to take part in the Induction Ritual, and take the same pledge that all of you have taken since 1904. To ensure this can occur, guidance around remote inductions has been created.
  • Virtual Tutoring Center Initiative (VTCI): It is more important than ever to support one another and offer our expertise to our communities. The VTCI ensures that students have access to tutoring resources in the remote environment.
  • Social Activities: HKN has been successfully connecting students. Through virtual events, such as the Online Tetris Competition, students from Chapters throughout the world are able to interact.

These activities are just a small sample of the student experience today.

Many of these activities were made possible thanks to the generosity of donors who have given to HKN. If you are a donor, thank you for your support!

If you have not made a donation, we encourage you to start today. We are not sure how long the current situation will affect the lives of students and alumni around the globe. Your donation will ensure that HKN has the resources to meet the changing needs of the student and alumni communities.

Your support will have an impact on the leaders of today and tomorrow, and the communities they serve. To make your gift, visit HKN’s donation page (hosted by the IEEE Foundation) and choose the Operational Fund from the dropdown menu.

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