Welcome Tetris Players!

Last Updated: 4/03/2020 4:54PM EST

This is a friendly competition for Chapters and their members. It is free to play and we will provide prizes for winners of each chapter! There will be a Chapter competition that will determine ONE winner, who will then move on to a Regional Competition.

Chapter Competition

This competition is for Chapter members only. Individuals will be given 7 days to play one game that each is willing to report. The time frame to play ONE game is from
12:01 a.m. (ET) on 27 March  to 11:59 p.m. (ET) on 3 April 2020. You are more than welcome to play more than one game, however, only ONE report is needed to receive a prize. Please see the prizing breakdown below.

Please follow the directions on how to set up a lobby and invite your members. We recommend doing a few test rounds for everyone to have a good grasp of controls.

The winner from each participating HKN Chapter will then move on to the online Regional Competition.

Regional Competition

The Regional Competition will take place between 8th and 15th April 2020. Each Chapter Winner will be contacted through the email provided on the Tetris  Competition Submission form. Regional competitions will be scheduled by HKN Headquarters, based on times and dates submitted by each Regional winner. The winner will receive a prize. Please see the prizing breakdown below.

How to Play

Chapters have 7 days to set up a day and a time that works for everyone. Chapters can set up multiple dates to practice and play, but all players must be available, and only one session can be recorded.  Students are able to play within the time that the leader has the lobby open.


Chapter Winners
US $10 off coupon for HKN’s online store
Personal certificate

Regional Winners
US $25 off coupon for HKN’s online store
Photos of each winner to be displayed on the HKN website
Regional winners will receive a certificate for their Chapter of induction to display on its website and social media.

Submit Your Highest Scoring Game Here