Grad Lab is IEEE-HKN’s series of webinars focucsed on the opportunities and challenges of Graduate School.

EPISODE 1: Survive and Thrive: Tips for the First Semester

Live on 21 September 2021
6pm ET

Whether you are a grad student or interested in grad school, this episode is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the unique challenges you’ll face as you transfer to a new program while giving you the tools to succeed.

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EPISODE 2: How to find a Research Topic

Live on 19 October 2021
6pm ET

Many students panic at the thought of having to quickly zoom on a research topic and don’t know where to begin. You are not alone! In this workshop, we discuss how to structure our search for a research topic that aligns with both our interests and our research adviser’s goals. We will talk about how you can begin your investigations, the questions you should be asking and the resources you should be using to begin this journey.


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