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Do you have an HKN Lightbox? Did you make a plaque and get it signed by faculty for your HKN induction? Do you give your officers Challenge Coins? Did your Chapter design a unique HKN T-Shirt to help spread the word in your community?

Well, we want to see it! Join us at TechX this year and show off HKN items you or your Chapter has made! Some HKN items you might want to highlight include (but are not limited to):

  • electronics projects
  • signs
  • bulletin boards
  • flyers
  • challenge coins
  • Chapter merch
  • HKN lightbox

Submit photos of your HKN-related item to be included in our MakerFest booth at the conference by 15 April. Then, come to the conference and check out what other Chapters and members are making!

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