FIRST: Complete the Inductee Log Sheet. It is to be completed by the Chapter’s Faculty Advisor, Secretary or President. You will be required to upload the  inductee log sheet before submission. You will be required to fill in the following fields for each inductee.

*Please review Important Reminders below before submitting the Induction form.*

  1. Name (First, Middle, Last)
  2. Email
  3. Address
  4. School Year (Freshman, sophomore, Professional, Graduate, etc.)
  5. Graduation Date (mm/dd/year)
  6. IEEE Number (if applicable) Not sure if you have one click here to find out.


Students and Graduate Students pay a one time fee of US $78

This includes a complementary one-year IEEE Student Membership for the year (January-December) in which they are inducted. Remember once inducted into HKN you are a member for life.

Professional and Faculty members pay a one time fee of US $175

To be inducted as a professional member you have to currently be an active IEEE member. Not sure? Contact HKN Headquarters to verify.

Correct Payment
  • One payment for entire group of inductees
  • Credit payment
  • Check payment
Incorrect Payment
  • Multiple checks for a single induction
  • One check per inductee
  • Cash payment

Tips for a successful submission: Getting the process right

Please note, it is important to let us know if the inductee is an existing IEEE member - otherwise a new account will be set up and the inductee will then have a duplicate account.
Certificates will be printed exactly as entered on this form - replacement certificates are $10 per certificate and can be ordered through our replacement certificate form.
Graduate Students Inductees must include a letter of approval signed by the department leadership and the Chapter's Faculty Advisor.
Checks or credit card payments are accepted, cash payments are not accepted. A single payment is to be submitted for the entire group of inductees. For a check payment, please submit one check for the induction group- please do not submit individual checks.
The name on the certificate will not include the middle name.If you would like to have a middle name appear on the certificate, please include it in the the first name column in the inductee log sheet after entering the first name.
NEXT: Fill in the remaining fields below.