University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Zeta Xi Chapter

“IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is the honor society of IEEE. It promotes excellence in the profession and in education with ideals of Scholarship, Character, and Attitude. It was founded on 28 October 1904 for students of electrical engineering. Today, IEEE-HKN promotes professional accomplishment, service, and development for students and professionals in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and other IEEE fields of interest.” (

The Zeta Xi Chapter at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth was founded on February 4, 1974. The Zeta Xi Chapter encourages our students to explore the networking opportunities and scientific community that is provided through IEEE HKN while striving for continuous classroom excellence.

Region 1: Northeastern USA

Section: North Dartmouth, MA (Providence)

Founding Date: February 4, 1974

Update Now

Last Update: 05/20/2022

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is a R2 research university located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Dartmouth is a coastal town in Bristol County, Massachusetts, and was the first area of Southeastern Massachusetts settled. Dartmouth itself is part of the Farm Coast New England comprising a chain of historic coastal villages, vineyards and farms. Recently, the science and engineering(SENG) building has been renovated to further improve the quality of education provided at the institution.

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IEEE-HKN helped me get a successful job.

Yegor Shea

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