Clemson University, Zeta Iota Chapter

Eta Kappa Nu or IEEE-HKN is the international honor society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Our organization promotes excellence in the profession and in education through an emphasis on scholarship, character, and attitude. Membership is a lifelong designation for individuals who have distinguished themselves as students or as professionals in electrical and computer engineering.

Region 3: Southern USA

Section: Clemson, SC (Piedmont)

Founding Date: October 8, 1972

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Last Update: 05/06/2024

Clemson, SC

Clemson is home to one of the most welcoming, friendly, and exciting communities on college campuses.

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what chapter members are saying

I am proud to be the adviser for the Zeta Iota Chapter, which consists of a wonderful group of talented and hardworking students dedicated to assisting their peers and serving the community at large. I am always looking forward to watching them in action, taking up new initiatives and providing a shining example for other student groups across campus to emulate.

Apoorva Kapadia

HKN has been a great way to connect with other students and come up with ways to improve the student experience for all ECE students at Clemson.

Coleman Bacon

I’m glad to be a part of an organization that recognizes and promotes leadership, service, and excellence, as well as connects students to professionals in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Precious Galvez

I have really enjoyed being able to connect with the members and learn about HKN and how I can implement their values in my life and around me.

Jacob Nix

HKN has been a great way to meet others in my major and get through classes

Gage Gailbreath

HKN has been a really fun experience where I've gotten to know the people of the ECE department much better

Michael Keller

I love the friendly and chill atmosphere of HKN. No one is stuck up and people don't think they are better than others.

Xander Hagler

HKN has been a great way for me to form a community with other students in my department. I've also really enjoyed being able to put together HKN events like the grad school information right that benefit both the department and students.

Julia Boone