University of Texas at El Paso, Zeta Delta

Located at the University of Texas at El Paso, the Zeta Delta Chapter was founded on May 14, 1971. Zeta Delta aims to recognize those students who achieve high academic accomplishments, serve the community, and represent our field with excellent character. Through the work of the Chapter, we strive to provide services to the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at El Paso, enrich the experience of students in the department, and provide a social atmosphere for our members.

Region: 5, Southwestern USA

Section: El Paso, TX (El Paso)

Founding Date: May 14, 1971

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Last Update: 10/6/2021

El Paso, TX

Located on the US-Mexico border, the city of El Paso is filled with a rich combination of American and Mexican culture. El Paso is known best for its display of Hispanic food, music, and festivities. Standing along the Rio Grande, El Paso offers many hot spots such as the San Jacinto Plaza, the Chihuahua’s Baseball stadium, and The University of Texas at El Paso. UTEP, recently awarded a Tier 1 Research facility, is one of the largest commuter schools, providing opportunities and education to all students throughout El Paso and Juarez.

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what chapter members are saying

IEEE HKN has allowed students in the Electrical Engineering discipline at UTEP to connect with each and create a hard-working, motivational, supportive environment.

UTEP ECE Department

The Zeta Delta chapter at UTEP has always had a long lasting impact on those who join the honor society. Many of the alumni and previous students have moved on to take major leadership roles and experience life changing opportunities.

UTEP Professor

HKN has helped motivate me to do well in my classes and maintain a GPA high enough to become a member. HKN has also helped me meet other students who have taken similar courses that can help and guide me through obstacles I meet along the way.

UTEP Student

HKN has given me the focus and inspiration to dedicate my self as an engineer.

Alan Melendez