United States Military Academy, Iota Phi Chapter

Our Mission: IEEE and HKN promote the development of electro technology and related sciences, the application of those technologies for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession, and the well-being of its members. From this mission statement, the purpose of the West Point Student Chapter is threefold. First, the Chapter allows cadets access to the world’s largest technical professional society for electrical engineers. Second, the Chapter provides cadets with state-of-the-art technical information, while exposing them to the latest trends in technology. Third, the Chapter offers cadets the opportunity to develop the personal communication skills necessary for success in today’s work environment as well as relationships with industry and academic professionals outside of West Point.

Region 1: Northeastern USA 

Section: West Point, NY (Mid-Hudson)

Founding Date: May 9, 1991

Update Now

Last Update: 12/2/2020

 West Point, NY

The United States Military Academy at West Point is found roughly 50 miles north of New York City, located on the bank of the Hudson River. Recognizing the strategic value of West Point’s location overlooking the Hudson River, the Continental Army began establishing defenses in 1778. With historical roots tracing all the way back to the Revolutionary War, the Academy is a cornerstone of American History and embraces that identity with numerous monuments and statues throughout the campus.

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what chapter members are saying

HKN at West Point is special since its members are not only dedicated to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science community but also pledged to serve the nation in the United States Army. This a unique characteristic to HKN at West Point.

CDT Stone Stephens, Class of 2021

It’s exciting to build connections early in my career. I have no doubt that IEEE will provide me with all the resources I need in the future.

CDT Dylan Taylor, Class of 2022

Being able to remove oneself from the traditional obligations of life, particularly at West Point, and be surrounded by peers who are similarly invested and interested in the world of electronics and electrical engineering is something I am incredibly grateful towards HKN for making possible.

CDT Peter Howell, Class of 2021

HKN at West Point lets its members become better engineers by linking them to the IEEE community. We get to network and build connections that will help when finding jobs later in our careers.

CDT Curtis Manore, Class of 2021