Georgia Institute of Technology, Beta Mu Chapter

The Eta Kappa Nu, Beta Mu Chapter at Georgia Tech is one of the oldest, largest, and most distinguished honor societies on the Institute’s campus. Founded in 1941, the Beta Mu Chapter has received the HKN Outstanding Chapter Award 11 times and the Certificate of Merit one time. The chapter is dedicated not only to recognizing first-rate ECE and CS scholars, but also to embodying the motto of Georgia Tech, “Progress and Service,” through involvement with the entire student body on campus and through giving back to the Atlanta community.

Region 3: Southern USA

Section: Atlanta, GA (Atlanta)

Founding Date: May 17, 1941

Update Now

Last update: 3/11/2024

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech is located in Midtown Atlanta, and has caused the city to become a hub for innovation and cutting-edge research. Bringing rise to establishments such as the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), and the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) in Tech Square, the GT ecosystem has transformed the landscape of the city through the pursuit of science and technology.

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what chapter members are saying

HKN has provided me with a ton of exciting opportunities and has been a great way to meet other like-minded people in the Georgia Tech ECE department

Baasim Rehan

Eta Kappa Nu has allowed me to meet and develop friendships with other ECE majors, and overall fosters a cooperative environment as each member shares a drive to work hard and learn more.

Tarun Muthuchamy

With its service to the ECE community, the opportunities it presents and its spirit, HKN at Georgia Tech is a great organization to be a part of. I learned a lot and enjoyed having taken roles in its leadership

Oguzhan Yilmaz

Our office is extremely welcoming to our members and we foster an environment that we can all hang out and have a good time

Ethan Frommer

COVID has made social gatherings tougher, but Georgia Tech’s HKN chapter has adapted to the situation and done an incredible job in helping everyone feel connected and involved through digital events and activities

Raymond Jia

GT HKN has a long-standing tradition of bridging service and technical learning with our lab supplies sales, and Covid 19 has not stopped us from selling over 500 lab supplies kits and seeing an uptick in revenue for specific items compared to last year. We provide lab supplies to any major, not just ECE, who are taking circuit lab classes and we hope to continue to increase our ECE scholarship endowment with our sales money

Christopher Saetia

HKN provides unique opportunities to socialize and network with the ECE and CS communities at Georgia Tech University. I have met many cool people and it has been an awesome experience!

Ryan Ding