South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Beta Chi Chapter

South Dakota Mines is the state’s premier STEM university, highly regarded by industry for producing talented engineers, scientists and professionals with strong work ethics. The IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Beta Chi chapter is committed to recognizing exemplary Electrical and Computer Engineering students that have proven themselves to have unimpeachable character, the ability to make use of the knowledge and information they have acquired in their academic success, have capacity and willingness for hard work, and have a genial nature and ability to work in harmony with all sorts of men.

Region 5: Southwestern USA

Section: Rapid City, SD (Denver)

Founding Date: May 11, 1949

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Last Update: 09/29/2021

Rapid City, South Dakota

South Dakota Mines is located near one of the most beautiful places in the country if not the world – the Black Hills National Forest, home to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Black Elk Peak. At 7,244 feet, Black Elk Peak is the highest peak between the Colorado Rockies and the Swiss Alps. Our “Hills” offer an outdoor playground for hiking, skiing, biking and rock climbing, all less than an hour’s drive from campus. Only minutes away, you’ll find coffee houses, restaurants and shopping in historic downtown Rapid City.

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Joining IEEE-HKN has given me great opportunities, and I believe all eligible students should join

Michael Rogers