The following table summarizes the information that IEEE-HKN has on file for each chapter for the 2020 – 2021 reporting year (July 2020 – today).  Please review this information and use the links at right to submit any missing reports.

Should you have any questions about the various reports that chapters are required to submit, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

  The information below is current as of 5:30 pm EDT on Wednesday May 19, 2021. 

ChapterUniversity2020 Inductions2021 Inductions2020 Officers Reported2021 Officers Page UpdateTotal ActivitiesTotal Activity Hours2020 Annual Report Submitted
AlphaUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign47.00.0YesYesNo44.03062.0Yes
BetaPurdue University43.00.0YesYesYes8.0113.0Yes
Beta DeltaUniversity of Pittsburgh0.00.0YesNoYes9.077.5Yes
Beta EpsilonUniversity of Michigan41.00.0YesYesNo52.05253.0Yes
Beta EtaNorth Carolina State University18.00.0YesNoNo7.086.5Yes
Beta GammaMichigan Technological University0.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Beta KappaKansas State University0.08.0NoYesNo2.022.0Yes
Beta LambdaVirginia Tech17.00.0YesYesYes0.00.0Yes
Beta MuGeorgia Institute of Technology62.023.0YesYesYes49.01346.0Yes
Beta NuRensselaer Polytechnic Institute25.00.0YesYesNo1.013.0Yes
Beta OmegaUniversity of Connecticut22.00.0YesYesYes0.00.0Yes
Beta OmicronMarquette University10.00.0YesNoNo1.030.0Yes
Beta PsiUniversity of Nebraska19.016.0YesYesNo0.00.0Yes
Beta RhoWest Virginia University8.07.0YesYesYes15.061.0Yes
Beta TauNorthwestern University11.00.0YesYesNo2.039.0Yes
Beta ThetaMassachusetts Institute of Technology65.00.0YesNoYes5.0175.0Yes
Beta XiUniversity of Oklahoma13.04.0YesNoYes1.03.0Yes
ChiLehigh University0.00.0YesYesNo3.090.0Yes
DeltaIllinois Institute of Technology5.00.0YesNoYes5.046.0Yes
Delta ChiCooper Union12.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Delta EtaUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst8.017.0YesNoYes3.0119.0Yes
Delta GammaLouisiana Technological University1.00.0YesNoNo3.023.5Yes
Delta KappaUniversity of Maine11.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Delta LambdaDuke University0.024.0YesNoYes1.018.0Yes
Delta OmegaUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa12.0YesNoNo5.0136.0Yes
Delta PhiUniversity of South Carolina12.00.0YesNoNo2.010.5No
Delta PiColorado State University9.00.0YesNoNo2.030.0Yes
Delta RhoUniversity of North Dakota3.01.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Delta SigmaUniversity of Notre Dame8.014.0YesYesNo0.00.0Yes
Delta XiAir Force Institute of Technology33.018.0YesYesNo13.043.5Yes
EpsilonPennsylvania State University10.015.0YesYesNo0.00.0Yes
Epsilon AlphaCleveland State University0.017.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Epsilon BetaArizona State University35.035.0YesYesYes2.040.0Yes
Epsilon DeltaTufts University12.01.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Epsilon EpsilonUniversity of Houston9.00.0YesYesYes35.01331.0Yes
Epsilon EtaRose-Hulman Institute of Technology9.014.0YesNoNo8.045.0Yes
Epsilon KappaUniversity of Miami2.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Epsilon MuUniversity of Texas at Arlington3.08.0YesYesNo0.00.0Yes
Epsilon NuCalifornia State University, Los Angeles16.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Epsilon OmicronUniversity of Delaware29.021.0YesYesYes1.00.0Yes
Epsilon PhiCalifornia Polytechnic State University30.00.0YesYesYes3.084.0Yes
Epsilon SigmaUniversity of Florida16.03.0YesYesYes60.03204.5Yes
Epsilon ThetaCalifornia State University, Long Beach0.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Epsilon XiWichita State University21.00.0YesNoYes9.0327.0Yes
GammaOhio State University0.01.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Gamma AlphaManhattan College0.08.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Gamma BetaNortheastern University9.059.0YesNoYes0.00.0Yes
Gamma ChiNew Mexico State University7.00.0YesNoNo2.051.0Yes
Gamma DeltaWorcester Polytechnic Institute26.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Gamma IotaUniversity of Kansas14.00.0YesNoYes4.052.0Yes
Gamma KappaNew Jersey Institute of Technology9.00.0NoYesNo0.00.0No
Gamma PhiUniversity of Arkansas23.00.0YesYesNo0.00.0Yes
Gamma PiUniversity of Virginia0.05.0NoNoNo0.00.0Yes
Gamma PsiLafayette College5.04.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Gamma RhoSouth Dakota State University9.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Gamma TauNorth Dakota State University6.06.0YesNoNo6.046.0Yes
Gamma ThetaMissouri University of Science and Technology14.07.0YesNoNo107.01242.477Yes
Gamma XiUniversity of Maryland, College Park13.00.0YesYesNo4.021.0Yes
Iota BetaMilwaukee School of Engineering12.020.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Iota DeltaStevens Institute of Technology31.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Iota GammaUniversity of California, Los Angeles44.00.0YesNoNo3.014.0Yes
Iota LambdaUniversity of Illinois, Chicago0.041.0YesYesYes4.0136.0Yes
Iota NuGannon University0.00.0YesNoNo1.0280.0Yes
Iota PhiUnited States Military Academy12.08.0YesNoYes4.031.0Yes
Iota SigmaTemple University15.014.0YesYesNo0.00.0Yes
Iota UpsilonUniversity of Washington16.029.0YesNoNo1.06.0Yes
Iota ZetaCalifornia State University, Chico11.00.0YesYesNo0.00.0Yes
KappaCornell University0.00.0NoNoNo0.00.0No
Kappa AlphaNorthern Illinois University7.00.0YesYesYes6.045.5Yes
Kappa ChiVirginia Commonwealth University0.00.0NoNoNo0.00.0No
Kappa EpsilonState University of New York, Binghamton7.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Kappa EtaUniversity of San Diego9.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0No
Kappa IotaEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott0.00.0NoNoNo0.00.0Yes
Kappa KappaUniversity of Texas, Dallas10.00.0NoNoNo2.023.0Yes
Kappa LambdaUniversity of Memphis3.010.0YesNoNo3.048.0Yes
Kappa OmicronState University of New York, New Paltz12.011.0YesNoYes17.0204.0Yes
Kappa PsiUniversity of California, San Diego88.025.0YesNoYes54.05126.5Yes
Kappa SigmaBoston University24.024.0YesYesNo44.0590.0Yes
Kappa ThetaUniversity of Wisconsin, Platteville0.05.0YesYesNo1.020.0Yes
Kappa UpsilonUniversity of Texas, San Antonio15.00.0YesYesNo2.037.0Yes
LambdaUniversity of Pennsylvania27.025.0YesNoYes0.00.0Yes
Lambda BetaCalifornia State University, Northridge0.09.0NoYesYes4.080.0No
Lambda MuTexas A&M, Qatar14.00.0YesNoYes0.00.0Yes
Lambda NuUniversity of Scranton4.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Lambda OmegaNational University of Singapore22.00.0YesNoYes3.0120.0Yes
Lambda OmicronMiami University4.02.0YesNoYes5.022.5Yes
Lambda SigmaUniversity of California, Riverside0.00.0NoNoNo0.00.0No
Lambda TauUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez15.00.0YesYesNo13.0134.0Yes
Lambda XiHofstra University1.00.0NoNoNo0.00.0Yes
Lambda ZetaUniversity of North Texas4.012.0YesYesNo8.0390.0Yes
MuUniversity of California, Berkeley103.050.0YesYesNo93.05231.0Yes
Mu AlphaUCSI University - Kuala Lumpur0.010.0YesYesYes14.04003.0Yes
Mu BetaArab Academy For Science & Tech - Alexandria9.00.0YesNoYes30.03326.0Yes
Mu EtaUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal 0.00.0NoYesNo0.00.0Yes
Mu IotaSeattle University0.010.0NoNoNo0.00.0Yes
Mu KappaUniversity of Queensland6.00.0YesNoYes4.060.0Yes
Mu MuWentworth Institute of Technology0.0NoNoYes0.00.0Yes
Mu NuPolitecnico Di Torino33.00.0YesNoYes6.01056.0Yes
Mu OmegaFlorida Polytechnic University11.026.0YesNoYes19.0258.25No
Mu OmicronChristopher Newport University0.00.0NoNoYes0.00.0Yes
Mu PhiUniversity of California, Santa Cruz14.01.0YesNoNo3.090.0Yes
Mu PiG.H. Raisoni College of Engineering0.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Mu PsiUniversidad Autonoma de Queretaro0.00.0YesNoNo11.0435.0Yes
Mu RhoValparaiso University14.06.0YesNoYes11.0200.0Yes
Mu SigmaNational Chiao Tung University5.06.0YesYesYes54.0981.5Yes
Mu TauWaseda University9.00.0YesYesNo35.0444.8Yes
Mu XiIndian Institute of Science - Bangalore10.00.0YesNoNo1.024.0Yes
Mu ZetaWestern Washington University4.08.0YesNoNo7.052.0Yes
NuIowa State University12.010.0YesNoYes101.01168.95Yes
Nu AlphaUniv Nacional De Educacion A Distancia38.00.0YesNoYes15.0259.0No
Nu BetaUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid21.00.0YesNoYes4.069.83No
Nu GammaThe College of New Jersey12.09.0NoNoNo10.0131.5No
OmegaOklahoma State University9.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
OmicronUniversity of Minnesota13.011.0YesNoNo23.0649.8Yes
PiOregon State University0.09.0YesYesYes18.090.0No
PsiUniversity of Texas, Austin15.09.0YesNoNo5.0127.0No
SigmaCarnegie-Mellon University25.031.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
TauUniversity of Cincinnati6.03.0YesNoNo1.05.0Yes
Theta DeltaNaval Postgraduate School0.00.0YesNoNo1.01.0No
Theta EpsilonKettering University11.03.0YesYesNo9.044.0Yes
Theta EtaUniversity of Alabama, Huntsville6.09.0YesYesNo3.021.0Yes
Theta KappaCalifornia State University, Fresno6.00.0YesYesNo2.014.0Yes
Theta LambdaUniversity of South Alabama7.00.0YesNoYes8.010.0Yes
Theta PhiVirginia Military Institute6.07.0YesNoNo1.035.0Yes
Theta PiUniversity of Missouri, Kansas City0.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Theta RhoWilliam Marsh Rice University15.019.0YesNoYes0.00.0Yes
Theta UpsilonLawrence Institute of Technology7.00.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Theta XiNorwich University5.00.0YesNoYes1.03.0Yes
XiAuburn University12.04.0YesNoNo0.00.0Yes
Zeta BetaTexas A & M University, Kingsville0.03.0YesNoYes0.00.0Yes
Zeta ChiUniversity of Central Florida7.018.0YesNoNo3.020.0Yes
Zeta DeltaUniversity of Texas, El Paso13.00.0YesYesNo1.015.0Yes
Zeta EtaBrigham Young University4.020.0YesNoNo2.0105.0Yes
Zeta IotaClemson University6.00.0YesNoNo16.0144.7Yes
Zeta NuUniversity of Tulsa0.034.0YesNoNo1.010.0Yes
Zeta OmegaUniversity of California, Irvine15.01.0NoNoNo0.00.0Yes


Forms Deadline to submit (if applicable)

Chapter Activity Report

(Submit Event, Activity, and Meeting Reports)

Chapters should submit information about every meeting, activity, and event hosted or co-hosted after the meeting, activity, or event. Pro Tip: Complete a Chapter Activity Report with in two weeks after the activity to be able to capture as much detail as possible.

These reports will be available to chapter officers, advisors and will be used to construct the annual chapter report.


Annual Chapter Report Every chapter is required to submit this annual chapter report prior to September 30. This form should be submitted after you have submitted your chapter’s activities using the Chapter Activity Report (above).
Report New Officers through vTools As soon as possible after chapter elections
Inductee Documentation form Submit your documentation and payment two to three weeks before your induction ceremony to receive the certificates in time for your induction. Otherwise, submit the documentation and payment as soon as possible after the induction ceremony. Note: This form should only be submitted ONCE per chapter induction on behalf of all inductees. Remember to use the IEEE-HKN Inductee logsheet template (XLS, 30 KB) for the documentation.
Replacement Certificate form Lost your IEEE-HKN induction certificate? Order a replacement certificate online.
Chapter Page Update Updating your chapter page fulfills a requirement for key chapter status.

Important Dates

Chapter Reports due no later than 30th September

Chapter inductions and officer reports due at least one per year

Chapter webpage update due at least once per academic year.

Award Nomination Deadlines

Distinguished Service Award due by the 6th of May

Outstanding Young Professional Award due by the 6th of May

Outstanding Teaching Award due by the 6th of May

Alton B. Zerby and Carl T. Koerner Outstanding Student Award due by the 30th of June

Outstanding Chapter Award due by the 30th of September