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Will you allow more HKN Student Chapters to “Pass the Gavel”?

By May 31, 2023 No Comments

What is your most memorable HKN moment? Was it your Induction Ritual or when you were elected as an officer of your Chapter? Most HKN alumni recount what it meant to be invited to join HKN or the time they spent with friends and like-minded students and professionals.

As members, we all took the pledge to support HKN … to the members now and those who come after. I am writing to ask for your support of the honor society we all share.

The past few years have been difficult for everyone, especially University students. Our Chapters have worked extra hard to stay active, and others we need to support to help them return to active status. One of the ways we have been seeing growth and re-engagement is through our Chapter Support Initiative. This initiative, funded by donations, provides resources for Chapter coaching, officer training, support of Faculty Advisors, and provides grants to the Chapter for community and Chapter projects.

A new ritual has emerged to help Chapters, a “Passing of the Gavel” ceremony. The ceremony symbolizes the importance of passing knowledge and taking responsibility for orienting the next team of officers. In the ceremony, the HKN gavel is presented to the new President, and as thank you to the outgoing President, they receive a gavel in recognition of their service.

This new tradition has been identified as a best practice of highly successful Chapters. The more we can do to encourage this activity, the stronger and more engaged our members and Chapters will become.

Today, I am asking for your support to provide resources so more Chapters can participate in this ceremony, thereby training and investing in the future support of their chapter.


Please make your gift today:

  • US$30 – Purchases a gavel for a Chapter and the “Passing of the Gavel” ceremony
  • US$50 – Supports officer training and Chapter coaching for one chapter
  • US$100 – Supports Faculty Advisor annual recognition and training
  • US$250 – Provides a grant to a Chapter for an outreach or service project

Last year HKN Chapter gave back over 100,000 hours of community service. Honor their service and support your honor society with a gift today. Imagine how many hours can be given back with even more engaging Chapters.

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