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Alumni Newsletter

A Letter from the Alumni Committee Chair

By June 1, 2020 No Comments
John McWilliams

Dear Fellow HKN Alums,

HKN wants to hear from you. Why? Because you carry with you a wealth of knowledge and experience that HKN would like to harness to pass on to the next generation of engineers. HKN currently has over 260 student Chapters at universities around the world. The reports filed by these Chapters show that hearing from alumni and industry leaders is a very beneficial activity. The challenge for these Chapters is finding you. The challenge for HKN is connecting you with these Chapters.  Please contact HKN if you would be interested in talking with or mentoring a local Chapter.

You may be wondering if you have anything of interest to talk about with someone who is still in college. You do. How do I know? In these uncertain times, look around you. The lights are still on, the internet is working, radio and television continue to entertain us, cell phones still connect us to the world and other systems you have designed and built continue to work. These times may not have been in your product specifications, but you built resilient systems that have been carrying us through dark times. That is a story well worth telling.

Please take the opportunity to reconnect with HKN and the next generation.  You will enjoy it.

Stay safe and healthy,

John. M. McWilliams, P.E.
Nu Chapter, Iowa State University

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