IEEE-HKN has partnerships, collaborations, and activities with units under the umbrella of IEEE as well as with organizations outside of IEEE. These organizations offer formal and informal benefits and resources for HKN and its student and professional members to supplement those offered directly by HKN.

Student Competitions

IEEE Xtreme
An annual 24-hour global competition, e.g. hackathon, for IEEE students to solve a set of programming challenges.
IEEE Student Ethics Competition
A competition activity for IEEE students to develop and present a professional ethics analysis of a case (commonly held at regional conferences).
IEEE ComSoc Student Competition
A competition where students work to use communication technology to imporove people's lives.
IEEE High Efficiency Power Amplifier Student Design Competition 2021
A competition where students high frequency power amplifier to test and improve their electrical engineering skills.


IEEE Resource Centers
IEEE Resource Centers are user-friendly e-commerce sites that offer immediate access to over 3,400 technical videos and documents including many tutorials and webinars that offer educational credits (CEUsand PDHs)
IEEE Student Branches
Student branches are often co-located with Eta Kappa Nu chapters and student branchresources, contests, and regional activities are open to HKN members.
This organizational unit of IEEE supports the interests of U.S. members including studentmembers; it provides resources including e-books on professional development topics andSPAx assistance with local student professional events.
IEEE Education Society
This technical society is a frequent partner with Eta Kappa Nu, in particular itseducation/teaching award program complements HKN awards.
IEEE Communications Society
This technical society is a frequent partner with Eta Kappa Nu, in particular it has hosted HKNevents at ComSoc conferences.
IEEE Power and Energy Society
This technical society sponsors the Scholarship Plus Initiative of which many Eta Kappa Nu members have participated.
IEEE Foundation
This philanthropic partner of IEEE solicits and manages funds to benefit IEEE programs and the professional community; it supports investments in Eta Kappa Nu.
Computer Engineering Department Heads Association(ECEDHA)
Association of heads or chairs of departments offering accredited programs in electrical and computer engineering; it supports the outstanding student and outstanding chapter award programs of Eta Kappa Nu.
Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS)
An organization of member honor societies that maintain standards for legitimate honor societies.
The National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL)
Association of amateur radio operators in the U.S.

Career Development

IEEE Xplore
Publication database and online digital library archive of IEEE.
Engineering and Technology History Wiki
Documentation and media on the development of engineering technology and history of the profession.

Job Board Centers
List for viewing and posting job openings. Also includes resume reviews and additional job search services.
HKN Experience Challenge
An 11-day, free online event series with highly regarded speakers, panel sessions, networking opportunities, social activities, and more.
Pathways to Industry
A 3-day virtual event that prepares students to enter the workforce through career coaching and professional development.