University of Texas-Prairie View A&M, Zeta Lambda Chapter

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) was founded in 1904 by Maurice L. Carr along with nine other students to recognize academic excellence in engineering. HKN was originally established to help Electrical Engineering graduates find employment and gain footholds in their careers. The Zeta Lambda Chapter was founded at Prairie View A&M University in 1973 to continue this long-lasting legacy. At PVAMU, we honor scholarship and Leadership amongst the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. Our vision is to utilize our leadership amongst the members to maintain and enrich the learning environment in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

In spite of our past inactivity, we are committed to upholding the values of HKN and actively pursuing opportunities to showcase our dedication. In the Spring of 2023, we took a significant step forward by reactivating our chapter. Our first priority was to welcome 21 new members into our community, solidifying our commitment to growth and inclusivity.

Looking ahead, we have an exciting lineup of initiatives planned. To contribute to our community, we will organize food drives, offer departmental tutoring, conduct bake sales, and create membership resume books for career fairs and relevant seminars focused on our department and chosen careers. Moreover, we are excited to collaborate closely with the IEEE and TBP branch to arrange company presentations throughout the semester. These events will provide our members with valuable opportunities to establish meaningful connections with both local businesses and multinational corporations.

By engaging in these activities, we aim to enhance our members’ professional development, foster a sense of camaraderie within our chapter, and establish a strong presence in the industry. We are determined to make a positive impact and contribute to the growth and success of our community and its members.

Region 5: Southwestern USA

Section: Prairie View, TX (Houston)

Founding Date: April 3, 1973

Update Now

Last Update: 07/13/2023

Prairie View A&M University
The City of Prairie View, Texas is the home of Prairie View A & M University. Nestled in Northern Waller County, along Texas Highway 290, we are only minutes from Houston, and in your path to Austin and College Station, Texas.
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what chapter members are saying

Joining the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu has helped me grow so much professionally!


Being awarded the opportunity to study and major in the field of electrical engineering at Prairie View A&M University was an incredible experience that I seized wholeheartedly without reservation. I am proud to be an Alumni of such a pristine university! Prairie View’s Eta Kappa Nu Zeta Lambda Chapter offers an assortment of programs intended to prepare students for their professional careers. Being a part of Eta Kappa Nu was the platform that enabled me to secure my first engineering internship. I cannot thank the Zeta Lambda enough for providing me with the tools necessary to be a competitive student!

I am thrilled to be joining HKN! The opportunity to be part of an organization that upholds such high standards and values is truly inspiring. I can't wait to contribute to our community through meaningful initiatives like food drives, tutoring, and career-focused events. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals and having the chance to develop close contacts with industry professionals is invaluable. HKN is not just a chapter, but a pathway to personal and professional growth. I am excited to embark on this journey and make a positive impact alongside my fellow members!

HKN is not just an organization; it is a gateway to endless opportunities and personal growth. I am thrilled to join this exceptional group of individuals and embark on a journey of learning, camaraderie, and making a lasting impact in our community.