Waseda University, Mu Tau Chapter

Waseda University Mu Tau chapter is the first IEEE Eta Kappa Nu chapter in Japan. The chapter was founded on July 22, 2018 during the IEEE COMPSAC 2018 in Tokyo. Our mission is to promote excellence in research and to serve the students of the Electrical Engineering community at Waseda with academic support and services.

Mu Tau Chapter is located in Waseda University which is one of most prestigious and leading Japanese private research university in Japan. Waseda university was founded in 1882 as the Tōkyō Senmon Gakkō by Ōkuma Shigenobu, and was formally renamed to the current name in 1902. Waseda University is the alma mater of seven prime ministers of Japan, the founders of Sony, Samsung, Uniqlo, and other leading politicians, businessmen, writers, architects, and researchers.

Region 10: Asia and Pacific

Section: Tokyo

Founding Date: July 25, 2018

Update Now

Last Update: 2/13/2019

Tokyo, Japan

Waseda University is located in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Tokyo is the seat of the Emperor of Japan, of the Japanese government and of the National Diet. With the total population exceeding 38 million people, Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolitan area and the world’s largest urban agglomeration economy. Tokyo ranks first in the Global Economic Power Index and third in the Global Cities Index.

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