University of California San Diego, Kappa Psi Chapter

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) at UCSD is highly active in the Jacobs School of Engineering community, holding 80+ events an academic year. At UCSD (Kappa Psi chapter), HKN hosts a diverse range of workshops and events to promote technical, professional, and academic development. Through these initiatives, we aim to inspire continuous growth and provide invaluable resources to help our members thrive in their respective fields. Additionally, we hope to inspire the next generation of engineers with our outreach program, which targets underprivileged K-12 schools in the greater San Diego region. Our chapter uniquely honors ECE, CSE, MAE, BENG, MATH-CS and DSC students at UCSD who have achieved substantial success academically, possess leadership qualities and have noteworthy character. Since 2005, our member base, consisting of students, alumni, faculty and professionals, has formed a tight knit community where we help each other grow and give back to the broader engineering community.

Region 6: Western USA

Section: La Jolla, CA (San Diego)

Founding Date: June 2, 2005

Update Now

Last Update: 07/31/2023

La Jolla, CA (San Diego)

San Diego is the second largest city in California, and 8th largest in the United States. It is located in Southern California, along the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is home to a wide range of attractions, including historic battleships, beautiful beaches, and bustling tech companies.

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what chapter members are saying

Joining HKN was a great choice, in terms of connecting to the engineering community and building friendships. Joining HKN officer board was the best choice I made in college, because that’s where I was able to make a difference. Being the MAE Outreach Chair opened up the community outside of UCSD campus. And not only did I personally develop professional skills, like organization, communication, and leadership, and technical skills, such as shop and software tools, I was able to inspire other engineers and students in the K-12 system to grow too.

Sara T.

HKN has been an integral part of my college experience. I found the organization in my 1st year of college and, have joined as an officer ever since then. I have met so many important people through being an officer and helping the engineering community at UCSD grow even stronger.

Geeling Chau

HKN allowed me to grow as a person. I learnt how to be a better leader and be able to work with a large group of diverse people with diverse ideas and experiences. I was given an opportunities to be a part of many events that impacted the engineering community at UCSD and be a part of the change in the ECE Department.

Keshav Rungta

Being an officer of HKN allows me to cultivate myself in many aspects, such as leadership, management, presentation, and many other soft skills. I could not have improved these skills from only coursework. I also enjoy giving back to the community in many ways available through HKN.

Samuel Sunjaro

Being a part of HKN as an officer for 3 years has not only let me grow professionally and technically - being a member and officer has allowed me to feel a part of a big community in my field and allowed me to meet extraordinary people I would not have met otherwise.

Joel Bisarra