University of Massachusetts Lowell, Epsilon Zeta Chapter

The history of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter at UMass Lowell dates back to the 1960s. The Chapter was revived in the Spring of 2019, and is now reactivated again as of Spring 2024. The inspiration for our Chapter flourished from the ECE Makerspace. Proposed and established by Professor Dohn Bowden, this area at our university is dedicated to Electrical and Computer Engineering students as place of study, experimentation, and collaboration. Here, students can do schoolwork, use the communal lab benches for hands-on assignments or personal projects, or hang out with classmates and friends. The Makerspace is crucial to the tight-knit community that we have within our department. As an active IEEE-HKN Chapter, we aim to continue this tradition while also contributing to the greater good of our university and local community.

Region 1: Northeastern USA

Section: Lowell, MA (Boston)

Founding Date: December 12, 1964

Update Now

Last Update: 06/11/2024

Lowell, MA

Lowell is a historic mill town dating back to the mid 1800s. An important center of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, Lowell has transformed into a new center of industry and innovation driven by UMass Lowell graduates of all disciplines. The Francis College of Engineering at the University is named after the renowned James B. Francis, an engineer who contributed greatly to the early development of Lowell’s mill economy and infrastructure, helping to shape the city into the one we know today.

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what chapter members are saying

I wanted to revive HKN to give ECE students something fun to look forward to, as well as a place where they can feel accomplished and supported, both socially and professionally. I'm really thankful for our officers who will help make this happen, and I'm excited to see what our first year will be like!

Dalis Theapanha (President 2024)

As an officer and co-pioneer in reviving this chapter, I look forward to giving back to the ECE community at UMass Lowell. The ECE Makerspace fostered a community of friendship and teamwork, which created some of the best memories I have from being a student. My hope with bringing IEEE-HKN back is to establish traditions and events that allow the community to continue flourishing, while also creating something that my friends and peers are proud to be a part of!

Chloe Chanthompalit (Vice President 2024)

The ECE department is where I made some of my closest friends, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get involved in the department to help provide professional and community opportunities. To be able to work for this society allows me the privilege to work alongside extraordinary future engineers to make our ECE department not just a place of study, but a community of driven students who go beyond their academic scholarship. I'm so excited to see what this honors society will become and I couldn't ask for better, more dedicated officers to be working with!

Marietta Arakelian (Recording Secretary 2024)

After serving in various other leadership roles on campus for Tau Beta Phi, IEEE and the ECE Makerspace, I'm happy to extend my leadership experience to IEEE-HKN and foster a supportive community of aspiring driven young engineers

Deirdre Burke (Treasurer 2024)