University of Texas at Arlington, Epsilon Mu

The HKN Epsilon Mu Chapter was founded at University of Texas at Arlington in April 1966. Epsilon Mu is proud to provide multiple professional, technical, and academic opportunities to the EE and CE student bodies. We strive to deliver great social events to build stronger relationships between engineers, faculty, and the community. Epsilon Mu chapter collaborates with the IEEE branch to provide tutoring, workshops, and other professional development events. Epsilon Mu’s guiding principles are expressed in a tasty acronym: PIE. Prepare students to succeed in their respective academic and professional career. Inspire students with experiences and motivation to go beyond their course’s studies. And Educate students through tutoring and opportunities present in the EE/CE programs.

Region 5: Southwestern USA

Section: Arlington, TX (Fort Worth)

Founding Date: April 30, 1966

Update Now

Last Update: 8/3/2023

Arlington, TX

Arlington is located in the heart of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in the state of Texas. Besides being home to the University of Texas at Arlington, this city hosts the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field and the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. All of this in a region that covers about 100 square miles.

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what chapter members are saying

HKN allows me to do one of my favorite things: help other students succeed in their academic and professional journey. BY supporting students through tutoring and workshops, we gain valuable experience and create lasting relationships.

Beatriz 'Montse' Meadows

Joining HKN was an incredible way for me to become connected with my classmates and instructors while being able to make a positive impact in the EE department.

Suzanne Nassar

HKN has provided so many academic and social opportunities. I’ve met so many great colleagues through HKN and hope to meet more.

Nicolaus Jennings

IEEE-HKN has taught me how to be more self-sufficient as well as offer me opportunities to advance my professional skills for my future career.

Connor Hernandez

Being an HKN officer is giving me the opportunity to make deeper connections within the UTA Electrical Engineering family. I’m most excited to work on the many new initiatives we have planned and help leave behind a foundation that will help UTA Electrical Engineering student-body become more close-knit, academically successful, and proud of being UTA Mavericks.

Evanns Morales

I joined HKN because it allows me to meet with and help other students achieve their goals. Through office hours, students come and ask for help or advice regarding any course they are taking

Michael Falekulo

Involvement within HKN serves as a two-way path for serving our fellow peers and gaining valuable experience as we aim to enhance the academic, technical, and professional development of students. Being able to form connections within the EE community and help students succeed has primarily motivated me to assist as an HKN officer.

Jaqueline Hernandez

HKN provides a channel for all officers and me to better assist students in their classes and professional career. Through tutoring sessions and tech talks, we aim to provide a better experience and a means to network for everyone that would like to participate.

David Ray

HKN creates opportunities for future professional Electrical Engineers and helps build connections with like-minded people in preparation for their lifelong careers. I joined HKN because it provides a sense of belonging and togetherness while learning meaningful skills.

Aliza Shrestha

My vision as a UTA Maverick, I have always strived towards excellence and want to help my community back in any way I can. IEEE HKN Chapter provided me the opportunity to directly tutor students beside my TA duties, it has provided me the opportunity to help the society through its volunteering activities and maintain a promising academic standing at the same time. It has also helped me gain some valuable insights as a teaching assistant on what students really need in coursework.

Aillen Sengupta

HKN has surrounded me with like-minded people who all push each other to be their best. Through being a member and an officer, I have been given the opportunity to grow as a student, a professional, and an individual.

Ryan Bluestein

Joining HKN has offered me a platform where I can grow as a leader and has given me the resources necessary to accomplish my goals. HKN has also given me a voice where I can help enable students to advance their knowledge and continue growing as electrical engineers. HKN has given me the tools needed to fulfill my Teaching Assistant role in the Electrical Engineering department.

Obed Gonzalez Hurtado

HKN has always been a resource I used since my freshman year of university. It was my dream to join HKN and give back to the community I grew up with and continue the legacy of the Epsilon Mu chapter. From helping electrical engineering students to developing their professional skills with various means, it brings me joy to become a role model for students to look up to.

Francis Castillo