University of Notre Dame, Delta Sigma

The Eta Kappa Nu student chapter (Delta Sigma) at the University of Notre Dame was established in 1962, and we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the fields of electrical and computer engineering. Embracing a wide range of backgrounds, skills, and viewpoints, we believe that a diverse team leads to elevated production and overall work quality. We create an environment where all members feel valued and empowered, fostering collaboration and encouraging open dialogue among students with different perspectives. Our commitment to excellence and social responsibility ensures that our solutions are not only technically advanced but also socially conscious, making a positive impact on the world.

In conclusion, we, Delta Sigma at Notre Dame, are a family of diverse and brilliant minds, united in our pursuit of innovation and academic excellence. We welcome students from all walks of life, believing that diversity is the key to our success and transformative change in the fields we represent. Together, we create a dynamic and inclusive environment, where every voice is heard, respected, and contributes to the advancement of electrical and computer engineering with a profound sense of social responsibility.

Region 4: Central USA

Section: Notre Dame, IN (Calumet)

Founding Date: April 14, 1962

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Last Update: 07/28/2023

Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, Indiana, outside the city of South Bend.

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