IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu’s Commitment to Service


Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is committed to serving our communities and in continuing to represent the best ideals of our society and our shared profession. To this end, during a period of international pandemic, it is more important than ever to support one-another and offer our expertise to our communities. 

Many colleges and universities have or are currently transitioning to online learning wherein all instruction is conducted virtually. This transition coupled with instructions for students and instructors to physically isolate themselves creates a key opportunity for HKN chapters, inductees (student and alumni) and candidates.


HKN is pleased to announce the launch of our Virtual Tutoring Center Initiative (VTCI)

HKN Chapters are encouraged to:

  1. Identify current courses within the host department as well as allied or prerequisite courses that chapter members are able to tutor.
  2. Connect with their host department to notify instructors of the chapter’s willingness and capability to provide free 1 on 1 as well as small group tutoring services for the identified courses.
  3. Identify an officer or advisor to serve as the point of contact for new virtual tutoring requests.
  4. Post on social media using #HKNHereToHelp and encourage fellow students to contact for free tutoring.
  5. Notify IEEE-HKN of the courses you’re able to tutor as well as the number of tutors available for each course. HQ will reach out to chapter alumni to solicit their tutoring support as well and will forward the contact information for willing alumni to your point of contact.
  6. Submit an Activity Report weekly to document the time spent organizing tutoring activities as well as engaging in tutoring. 

HKN Alumni are encouraged to:

  1. Visit and sign up to be a tutor.
  2. Post on social media using #HKNHereToHelp and encourage your network to donate their time to support current students’ academic needs.

All tutoring should take place virtually using available resources:

  1. Free tools such as Google Hangouts and Zoom are available 
  2. Many schools (and/or host departments) will provide their students with a virtual conferencing capability. This should be used where possible.

Eta Kappa Nu is the premiere honor society representing Electrical and Computer Engineering students for over 115 years. Let us work together to ensure that every student has the resources needed to be an excellent engineer!