Are you unable to access HKN-exclusive content?

In order to access HKN Officer-exclusive content, you must meet each of the following criteria:

  1. You must be inducted into an HKN Chapter and you induction must have been reported to IEEE-HKN
    1. All newly inducted HKN members receive a welcome email from IEEE.
  2. Your IEEE membership must be current
    1. To renew:
  3. You must be reported as a current HKN officer
    1. To report officers, use V-tools:
    2. Please extend the end date when reporting officers by 12 months past their term to allow for time for the next officers to report their election. When new officers are reported, the end date for the outgoing officers should be updated to reflect the actual end of term.

If you did not set up (claim) your IEEE account online when you were first inducted into HKN (see 1a), you will need to do that and establish a password:  Please claim your IEEE Account by clicking here.