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What is this Program?

The transition from school to industry isn’t easy. What are the opportunities pitfalls, challenges and how to overcome them? We invite graduate students, graduating seniors, and young engineers to join us for the HKN Pathways Program, where we focus on this transition. In partnership with ECEDHA, we are bringing together students and professionals to discuss personal career paths, share hard-earned insights, and offer practical advice for young engineers

Why this Program?

Unlike programs offered at your university, you will meet and network with leaders from a wide cross section of industry, academia, corporations, and young engineers like you looking to enter industry. ECEDHA offers access and an audience unlike any other.

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Reach the World’s Top EE/ECE/CS Students and Young Professionals

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Build Your Own Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) Games for Embedded Systems

In this virtual workshop from Texas Instruments, we have a very special treat: Handheld game development!

Who has not wanted to make their own version of a portable gaming device from scratch and create their own games? We will show you how you can get started using TI-RTOS and the TI LaunchPad™ ecosystem. Get a hands-on deep dive into the LaunchPad development  kit and the SimpleLink™ family of products and learn where to find additional resources to progress your knowledge of RTOS. Having an embedded system allows electronics designers to customize games using a variety of user inputs, sensors and output to the user using displays and sounds. As things get more complicated in the system, using an RTOS can help the designer manage the various tasks that are sharing the hardware resources. This is true in gaming applications but also many other complex embedded systems like robotics and smart devices.

If you would like to purchase the kits for this on-demand workshop, they can be purchased at, Mouser or Digi-Key.*

*If you purchase the components through TI, university students and faculty may use coupon code, “Innovation” for free shipping. If you order through Mouser or Digi-Key, search for the items using the same product numbers listed above.

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“Graduate School or Work Experience? Which is the Chicken and Which is the Egg?”

During this time of Covid-19 many university students are evaluating or re-evaluating the age-old question of whether to continue their studies in graduate school or to go into industry and earn a living. The global pandemic has impacted greatly all levels of schools as well as the workforce. Join our online Panel Discussion with hiring managers from leading engineering companies and a university professor and student.

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“Change the World as You Leap from College to Industry: Recruiting Insights and Tips from a TI Engineer”

As engineering students approach graduation, concerns about transitioning from college to industry create intimidating roadblocks. Leap over those concerns by hearing directly from a recruiting manager and an electrical engineer from Texas Instruments, who will share insight and real-life experiences in starting your new career. The session will include an open Question and Answer period between the presenter and participants.

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“Emerging Technologies and the Impact You Can Make”

Michael Andrews, President, Andrews & Associates discusses how the impact you make is driven by four key factors: Imagination, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Understanding the linkages between industry, products and applications drives impact.

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