The Executive Committee shall support the IEEE-HKN staff by being an agile committee that can address day-to-day concerns between Board meetings and act on behalf of the Board in case of an emergency. Chair: President James M. Conrad Members: President-Elect Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, Past President Ron Jensen, Secretary Bernie Sander, Treasurer Karen Panetta; Director Nancy Ostin
THE BRIDGE Magazine Editorial Board provides the magazine as an archival, flagship publication for IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu that highlights content with organizational, professional, technical, and career relevance to student and professional members. Editors-in-Chief: Steve E. Watkins and Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani; Editors: Sean Bentley, Emily Hernandez, Marcus Huggans, Jason Hui, Hulya Kirkici, Kevin Kornegay, Zahra Manzoor, Emmanuel Oyekanlu
The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for developing strategic goals and policies for IEEE-HKN and submits recommendations to the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors. Chair: President-Elect Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan
The Tellers Committee ensures the integrity of IEEE-HKN elections. Chair: John Orr; Members: Steve Goodnick, Karl Maestrack
The Public Relations and Communications Committee presents to the Board the detailed strategies, policies, goals and implement procedures for the promotion and communication of HKN messaging, communications, website, social media, brochures, promotions, signature events, collateral materials, trade shows display, and other opportunities as they arise. Chair: Katelyn Brinker; Members: Joseph Greene, Ashley Kuhnley, Sandro Sartoni
The Conferences Committee oversees and develops IEEE-HKN conferences and events to satisfy networking, leadership, and professional development objectives of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu. Chair: Sean Haynes; Members: Anis Ben Arfi, Zied Bouyida, Ramon De la Cruz, Chris Nemeth, Kyle Lady.
The Awards Committee promotes the ideals of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu by recognizing those who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, and character. It is responsible for administering and conferring the awards and honors the Board has established. Chair: Lorena Garcia, Members: Frank Chang; J. Daivid Irwin, Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, Russell Meier
The Development Committee oversees and develops fundraising activities. The committee promotes the financial health of IEEE Eta Kappa Nu and fosters relationships with ongoing and potential supporters of the strategic and operational objectives of the organization.
The Nominations and Appointments Committee is responsible for ensuring the selection of the most qualified candidates for IEEE-HKN leadership and service. Chair: Ron Jensen
The Alumni Engagement Committee oversees the activities of the Alumni Chapters and the life-long experience of members. Chair: Hulya Kirkici; Members: Audrey Paulus, Bob Lyons, Paul Isaac Hagoue, Bruce Suter, May Want, George Salazar
The Graduate and Professional Activities Committee is responsible for programs in the areas of career development, professional development, industry engagement and mentoring. Chair: Ryan Bales; Members: Manuel Castro, Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, Joseph Greene, Ed Rezek.
The Chapter and Ritual Committee maintains quality and consistency in IEEE-HKN rituals and reports. The committee also generates and maintains documents, processes, and resources for chapter orientation, chapter leadership and governance, chapter reporting, new chapter onboarding, dormant chapter reinstatement, installation, and development. The committee oversees and supports the IEEE-HKN Faculty Advisors, chapter administration and chapter governance. It develops training for both chapter officers and advisors and is responsible for the IEEE-HKN Student Chapter Support Initiative. Chair: Michael Benson.
The Operations Task Force tracks the plans, deadlines, actions, key performance indicators and completion of all projects of the annual operations plan. The Operations Task Force is chaired by the Secretary of the Board of Governors and the composition is of the chairs of all the standing committees.
The Finance Working Group develops and monitors the annual budget of IEEE-HKN and recommends long-term spending and income strategies. The work group also works with the committees to provide financial guidance and review of programs, products, services in development. The Work Group is chaired by the IEEE-HKN Treasurer and includes the President and Director of IEEE-HKN.
The Eminent Member Committee administers the Eminent Member recognition, the society’s highest membership classification. The committee may propose or seek nominations, reviews and recommends candidates for elevation to Eminent Member to the IEEE-HKN Executive Committee for approval by the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors. Chair: Asad M. Madni; Members: Marty Cooper, J. Derald Morgan and James Rowland

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