Valparaiso University, Mu Rho Chapter

The Mu Rho Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu was founded at Valparaiso University by 23 Electrical and Computer Engineering students on April 20, 2018. The founding president was Janelle Wigal, and the founding advisor was Doug Tougaw. The charter ceremony was conducted by IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu President, Dr. Steve E. Watkins.

The host department is located in Gellersen Engineering and Mathematics Center. Although the Mu Rho chapter is relatively new, it is very active. The members and officers have been busy planning a variety of events; from member mixers, to monthly speaker series where professors and professionals host 20-30 minute lectures about their research interests and professional workplace experience, the Mu Rho chapter has been busy making a name for themselves both in the college of engineering and on campus. The chapter holds two inductions ceremonies per year, one in the fall and another in the spring and is excited to continue growing and improving the chapter.

Region 4: Central USA

Section: Valparaiso, IN (Indiana)

Founding Date: April 28, 2018

Update Now

Last Update: 09/20/2022

Gellersen Center College of Engineering, Valparaiso, Indiana

Valparaiso University has passed through three distinct phases. From 1859-1871, this Methodist institution pioneered coeducation as the Valparaiso Male and Female College. In 1873, it was revived by an enterprising educator, Henry Baker Brown, as the Northern Indiana Normal School, renamed Valparaiso College in 1900, and re-chartered in 1906 as Valparaiso University. During these years, it established business and law schools and won national recognition as a low-cost, no frills institution of higher learning.

Valpo’s modern era began in 1925 when it was purchased by the Lutheran University Association, a group of clergy and church laity. Distinguished by its Lutheran heritage of scholarship, freedom, and faith, Valparaiso University continues to fulfill the dreams of these modern founders. During this period, Valpo has established itself as a premier Midwestern university that combines a thorough grounding in the liberal arts with solid professional training. In the 1940s, the University, spurred by student action, established a school of engineering and adopted a student-administered honor system. The Christ College honors program and a school of nursing further enriched the University’s offerings. The majestic Chapel of the Resurrection, a fitting symbol of the University’s commitment to its Lutheran ideals, was built in 1959.

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what chapter members are saying

Eta Kappa Nu provides a great opportunity for our students to learn, have fun, and provide service to our peers and to the college. It is a great asset to our department, and I am very pleased that we have been able to bring Eta Kappa Nu to our campus.

Doug Tougaw, Dean of the College of Engineering and former HKN Advisor

Ere long intelligence—transmitted without wires—will throb through the earth like a pulse through a living organism. The wonder is that, with the present state of knowledge and the experiences gained, no attempt is being made to disturb the electrostatic or magnetic condition of the earth, and transmit, if nothing else, intelligence.

Nikola Tesla

The electrical engineer has an enormous advantage over other engineers; everything lends itself to exact calculation, and a completed machine or any of its parts may he submitted to the most searching electrical and magnetic tests, since these tests, unlike those applied by other engineers, do not destroy the body tested.

John Perry