Virginia Commonwealth University, Kappa Chi Chapter

The VCU chapter of HKN, known as Kappa Chi, was installed in May of 2005. The aim of our chapter is to develop programs that facilitate students’ learning opportunities. In addition, we strive to be heavily involved in service around the community and within the VCU College of Engineering.

Region 3: Southern USA

Section: Richmond, VA (Richmond)

Founding Date: May 6, 2005

Update Now

Last Update: 09/17/2019

Richmond, VA

Virginia Commonwealth University is based in Richmond, Virginia, fondly referred to as “RVA.” Richmond provides a unique environment to students that is full of educational opportunities, ranging from service-learning to internships with local businesses. VCU is located in a city campus, which makes going to college here different from going to college at a university with a more traditional, isolated campus. The city gives students a wide variety of things to do, and one can see Richmond’s character reflected in the campus. Richmond truly is “a state capital with an unlikely mix of qualities — historic, artsy, food-obsessed, Southern, diverse, laid-back — it has just the right dose of grittiness to give it an edge.”

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Joining IEEE-HKN was a great idea -- not just for the networking -- but also for the service opportunities it gave me

Emma Radford