Manhattan College, Gamma Alpha Chapter

The Gamma Alpha chapter of Eta Kappa Nu was established at Manhattan College in 1950. It is currently moderated by Dr. Ahmed Refaey Hussein.

To qualify for membership:
-Juniors must be in the top quarter of their electrical engineering class
-Seniors must be in the top third of their electrical engineering class
-Students must show acceptable character, marked ability and personality

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Section: New York

Founding Date: June 2, 1950

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Last Update: 6/30/2020

Riverdale, New York

Our beautiful campus is located in Riverdale, a historic neighborhood in the Bronx. We are close to dozens of restaurants and shops, and right next door to Van Cortlandt Park, one of New York’s largest green spaces.

With the number one train so close by, we are just 35 minutes from midtown Manhattan.

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I volunteer for HKN because I have seen the value of belonging to a National or International Honorary Society. The Society is a community that facilitates connections and immediately tells others in the field something about your personal

Michelle Blum