Purdue University, Beta Chapter

Beta Chapter was formed in 1906 here at Purdue. From the beginning, however, there were problems. At that time, our grand and glorious University prohibited fraternal organizations of any kind. Shortly after we were founded, President Winston E. Stone caught wind of our existence and demanded that our chapter be withdrawn. The national organization did so, assuring the Beta Chapter members that they would be kept in HKN as members of EtaChapter, which is the “chapter at large”. We continued to hold our meetings in secret, however. In 1913, when Purdue came to its senses and recognized fraternities, Professor Rowel, of the Case Applied Science School (now known as Case Western Reserve University) encouraged that Beta Chapter be reorganized.

Our chapter runs a student lounge in the basement of Purdue’s Electrical Engineering building. We sell cheap coffee, fresh bagels and donuts, and a wide variety of other snacks all at a reasonable price. We also have tables and couches for doing homework, as well as gaming consoles for a quick game of Super Smash Bros between classes. The HKN lounge at Purdue recently celebrated its 50th year in 2018.

Starting in Fall 2019, we also maintain a fully equipped lab space open to all students to work on class or personal projects.

In addition to the lounge and lab, active members of Beta Chapter attend biweekly chapter meetings and enjoy weekly social events

Region: 4

Section: West Lafayette, IN (Central Indiana)

Founding Date: January 1, 1905

Update Now

Last Update: 3/5/2019

West Lafayette, IN

Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana along the Wabash river. It’s approximately an hour north of Indianapolis and two hours south of Chicago. Beta chapter takes advantage of multiple opportunities throughout the school year to give back to the Greater Lafayette Community through fundraisers and volunteering.

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Joining HKN is a gateway to graduate school

Zach Vander Missen

I never really had friends in my major until I joined HKN. It was a great decision.

Trevor Odelberg

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