IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu is supported by the one-time induction fee of new members. The current business model does not provide enough funds to support the annual operation of IEEE-HKN. IEEE-HKN encourages a donation in support of the outstanding leadership programs provided to IEEE-HKN students.

For example, the annual Student Leadership Conference expenses are in excess of US$25,000. However, the conference is offered at no charge to current IEEE-HKN students. Please consider a donation to offset this cost.


IEEE-HKN needs your financial support to continue its mission to recognize scholarship, attitude, and character. Please consider a gift to one or both of the funds:

  • IEEE-HKN Operating Fund
  • IEEE-HKN Student Leadership Conference

Contributions can be made via the IEEE Foundation website. The IEEE Foundation is a 501(c)3 registered charitable organization. Please consider supporting the future generations of IEEE-HKN by leaving a legacy gift or supplementing annual operational needs.

IEEE-HKN has a great impact on the students of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Your gift will make a difference and assure that IEEE-HKN is here for the next century. To those inducted IEEE-HKN members, remember the pledge you took as a new inductee: “I sincerely promise that I will live up to … in word and in deed … the principles for which IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu stands … To the members now and to those to come after … I bind myself to the faithful observance of these promises … I give my solemn word of honor.”


Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, IEEE-HKN is able to provide the highest level of service to its members and community. Become a benefactor of IEEE-HKN by sponsoring one of the programs, outreach efforts, awards, conferences, or recognitions. Sponsorship opportunities include annual sponsorships for the virtual conference platform, and platinum, gold, and silver sponsorships that will package a number of different recognition opportunities into one.

Please e-mail IEEE-HKN Headquarters to learn more about sponsoring IEEE-HKN.

Student Leadership Conference

Should you wish instead to support the Student Leadership Conference or your local Chapters attendance, please consider donating to the HKN Student Leadership fund .
A suggested donation of:
– $131 would cover the cost of one student attending.
– $250 would cover one Chapter attending
– $500 would cover two Chapters attending.

Donate now to the IEEE-HKN Funds

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