The Outstanding Chapter Award (OCA) recognizes excellence in IEEE-HKN chapters for their activities. The award is based on the content and description of chapter activities that are contained in the Annual Chapter Report (which summarizes the chapter’s activities from the previous academic year of 1 July to 30 June).

Deadline to submit applications: 30 September

Prize: Plaque

Note: Though chapters are under no obligation to contend for this award, all chapters are required to submit at least the short-form Annual Chapter Report summarizing their officers and activities. Chapters wishing to contend for the award are encouraged to submit a more comprehensive report covering their activities.

Award purpose

The IEEE-HKN Board of Governors created the OCA to recognize excellence in chapter administration and programs. The award was changed recently so that all chapters, large or small, judged to have exemplary programs, have a chance of being selected.

Award Sub-Committee

  • Kyle Lady, OCA Chair

Award presentation

This award is presented during the Annual Meeting of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA), held in March each year. Each recipient chapter receives an engraved plaque.


For the purposes of this award, emphasis is placed on service activities to the department, school, community, and chapter. Equally important is promoting the goals of IEEE-HKN by inducting as many eligible undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty in the IEEE designated technical fields of interest as possible, and by participating in IEEE-HKN student chapter projects.
The Outstanding Chapter Awards Committee utilizes criteria in deciding winning chapter reports, such as service activities that:

  • Improve professional development
  • Raise instructional and institutional standards
  • Encourage scholarship and creativity
  • Provide a public service
  • Further the established goals of IEEE-HKN

Given the standard of scholarship and the qualities of leadership that characterize its members, each chapter holds great potential. Because of the excellence of the chapters that have earned an OCA in the past, the award is traditionally a mark of distinction.

Annual Chapter Reports and the Outstanding Chapter Award

All chapters are required to submit an Annual Chapter Report by 30 June.

If your chapter wishes to be considered for the Outstanding Chapter Award, your chapter must submit an annual chapter report ideally submitted at the end of the academic year details important chapter programs and activities during the previous academic year. This report is also used as the basis for determining the recipients of the OCA.

Though chapters are under no obligation to contend for the award, IEEE-HKN requires all chapters to prepare and submit the annual chapter report to IEEE-HKN headquarters to document their activities. Chapters should also keep a copy for their own files so that future chapter officers have a reference to previous chapter activities.

Chapters wishing to be considered for the OCA should submit a detailed chapter report that includes complete activity descriptions and photographs in a well-formatted report.

Annual chapter reports are due by 30 June for the previous academic year. The OCA Committee reviews the reports and announces the winners the first week of January. Annual chapter reports should be completed electronically.

Selection process

Chapters are judged based on:

  • Activity hours per member: A useful metric for gauging activity level is the average number of activity hours per member. It is obtained by adding up the number of people-hours expended for each activity and dividing that total by the average number of members in the chapter for the year. These average activity levels can be compared to previous recipients of the OCA and judged accordingly.
  • Inducting eligible students and faculty in IEEE-designated technical fields of interest: Not all students invited to join IEEE-HKN do so. Significant weight will be given to chapters with an above-average rate of inducting undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members.

In addition to the above, the quality of each service activity (to the department, school, community and chapter) is taken into consideration. In bestowing an award, the standing committee attaches less importance to the number of a chapter’s activities than to their nature and quality. Of critical concern to the committee in judging a chapter are activities to improve professional development, to raise instructional and institutional standards, to encourage scholarship and creativity, to provide a public service, and generally to further the established goals of IEEE-HKN.

2016 - 2017 OCA Recipients

Chapter Name University
Alpha Chapter University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Beta Alpha Chapter Drexel University
Beta Chapter Purdue University
Beta Epsilon Chapter University of Michigan
Beta Kappa Chapter Kansas State University
Beta Lambda Chapter Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Beta Omega Chapter University of Connecticut
Beta Theta Chapter Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Delta Epsilon Chapter Ohio University
Delta Omega Chapter University of Hawaii at Manoa
Gamma Delta Chapter Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Gamma Tau Chapter North Dakota State University
Gamma Theta Chapter Missouri University of Science and Technology
Iota Chi Chapter Oakland University
Iota Gamma Chapter University of California, Los Angeles
Iota Zeta Chapter California State University, Chico
Kappa Psi Chapter University of California, San Diego
Lambda Sigma Chapter University of California, Riverside
Mu Alpha Chapter UCSI University
Mu Chapter University of California, Berkeley
Mu Iota Chapter Seattle University
Mu Nu Chapter Politecnico di Torino
Nu Chapter Iowa State University
Zeta Beta Chapter Texas A&M University – Kingsville

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