The Distinguished Service Award was initiated in 1971 to recognize those members who have devoted years of service to Eta Kappa Nu (or IEEE-HKN), resulting in significant benefits to all of the society’s members. The award is based on lifetime contributions to Eta Kappa Nu (or IEEE-HKN) and is limited to one recipient each year.

Deadline to nominate someone: the first Monday after 30 April each year (Self-nominations are not accepted.)

Prize: Plaque

Award purpose

“Inspiration for the Award” dates back to 1939 when Maurice Carr, the founder of HKN, wrote, “Eta Kappa Nu grew because there always have been many members who were willing and eager to serve it loyally and unselfishly. I would like to see some form of recognition conferred upon members who have rendered such service to HKN.”

Award Sub-Committee

  • J. David Irwin, Chair
  • Bruce Eisenstein
  • John Orr
  • Steve E. Watkins

Nominating Someone for the Award

To nominate someone for this award, please use this Nomination Portal. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Award history







Steve E. Watkins


Bruce Eisenstein

John Orr

Stephen M. Goodnick

Dave Soldan

2014 Alan Willson
2006 Quayne Gennaro
2005 David Meyer
2004 James A. D’Arcy
2003 Robert F. Arehart
2002 Alan Lefkow
2001 Donald Christiansen
2000 John A. Tucker
1999 Thomas L. Rothwell
1986 Marcus Dodson
1985 Tony Gabrielle
1981 Berthold Sheffield
1979 W.T. Burnett
Paul K. Hudson
John E. Farley
Leyland A. Spangler
1977 Everitt S. Lee
1976 Larry Dwon
1975 Carl T. Koerner
1974 C. Holmes MacDonald
1973 Clifford A. Faust
1972 Roger I. Wilkinson
1971 Alton B. Zerby

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