ECEDHA + IEEE-HKN = A Recipe for Success

An Online Town Hall Event 4 March 2021

Few organizations have the synergy and alignment that the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Association (ECEDHA) and IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) enjoy. The challenges of preparing, engaging, inspiring, and involving students is best met when Department Heads and IEEE-HKN Chapters work together. This Town Hall presents several case studies of successful partnerships, highlights the service component of HKN, and discusses how Department Heads can achieve their objectives for student success and outreach in their campus communities by working with the HKN Chapter.

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10:00 – 10:05 am (CT)          Welcome and Introductions

Ashqaf Khokhar,  Palmer Department Chair, ECE, Iowa State University
Nancy Ostin, Director, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu

10:05 – 10:45 am (CT)          Opening Panel:  HKN – Not Just Another Student Organization

What separates IEEE Eta Kappa Nu from all other student organizations? What is its mission? Who does it serve and how does it work in concert with universities and departments to drive student success?  What can an IEEE-HKN Chapter do to help you achieve your goals as a Department Chair? Dr. Jim Conrad, IEEE-HKN President Elect, and Tony Maciejewski, Department Head at Colorado State University, offer their answers to these questions in a session that will set the stage for the rest of the day.

James Conrad, 2021 President-Elect, IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu
Tony Maciejewski, Department Head at Colorado State University

11:00 am – 12:00 pm (CT)   Panel Session: HKN Impact: How Your Department Will Benefit from an HKN Chapter

HKN Chapters are closely tied with their host Department and share many of the same goals and objectives. Successful Chapters and Departments leverage these commonalities for mutual benefit, including building and growing a sense of community within the Department, promoting research and graduate studies, improving educational outcomes for all students through tutoring and mentoring, and facilitating alumni engagement and development activities. Departments of all sizes can benefit from the participation of an active HKN Chapter. This session will explore a few key examples and will enable attendees to share their own successes. Department representatives may also seek assistance in chartering an HKN Chapter or in establishing a new purposeful direction with an existing Chapter.

Moderator: Michael Benson, IEEE-HKN Governor, Regions 3-4

12:30 – 1:30 pm (CT)           Panel Session: How the Peer-to-Peer HKN Community Enriches a Department  

HKN Chapters provide a structure for students to contribute to life within a Department.  In addition to service and technical activities, such as tutoring and workshops, many effective Chapters host meeting spaces, informal student networking, and social events. Some of these activities target just the HKN membership; other activities support the entire student population.  Since Chapter members plan and organize such activities themselves, they become invested in the Department. Peer-to-peer involvement can establish a community that connects alumni to the Department long after graduation. During this session, HKN Chapters leaders will describe activities that enrich the environment of a Department.

Moderator: Dr. Steve E. Watkins, Professor and Interim Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Alain Chen, Vice President, Beta Chapter, Purdue University
Matthew Golla, Vice President, Psi Chapter, The University of Texas at Austin
Aaron Burke, Chapter Officer, Gamma Theta Chapter, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Dr. Jennifer Marley, Assistant Professor of Engineering, Faculty Advisor, Mu Rho Chapter, Valparaiso University

1:30 – 1:45 pm (CT)             Conclusion