A Note from the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors and Staff

As the news pours in from around the world of Coronavirus-related closures and quarantines and as universities move courses online, we are sending our thoughts to our members and your families.

We have launched and continue to develop a number of resources for our Chapters so that those who earned membership into HKN can still take part in the rituals and events even though they may not be able to hold in-person inductions, meetings and community service events. Please see below a list of these resources.

Your health and safety, and that of all our members, is our priority. Please contact us at info@hkn.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Updated 30 July 2020

Remote Inductions

Should you have any questions or concerns about the remote induction process, please contact the chair of the society’s Membership & Chapters Committee, Michael Benson

Online Workshops
and Webinars

Pathways to Industry
webinar series

Click here to watch this series of webinars on our YouTube Channel.

Online Tutorial: Intro to PCB Design

Watch this interactive workshop to learn about the lessons available through TryEngineering that can be adapted and used for teaching young children about engineering. It’s a great way to help parents who are now homeschooling.

Community Service Ideas

Visit TryEngineering.org to find lesson plans and other resources that you can adapt to serve your community. Perfect for helping families who are homeschooling now.

Translators Without Borders: Whether you are interested in translating medical texts or translating for crisis response, there are engaging projects available to suit all preferences.

Be My Eyes:  A free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call.

Design to Combat COVID-19: Assist individuals who have been displaced and small businesses through UX design, web and software development and other projects.

Masks for Docs: Help supply medical personnel with protective equipment.